Suggestion outfit

Nightram Member Posts: 37

For Claudette morel, I juggest this Adaptive into the wilderness outfit, wich is three pieces.

(The poncho is moving with the character, like feng's purple jacket and like adam francis jacket too.)

She is a selfcarer. And a mender, and use the nature to heal.

We have never had a barefoot survivor, just spirit wich is the killer with that.

If this can't come with barefoot. Just add some very worn shoes, plus muddy.

If the ripped poncho should look different, to become a three pieces outfit. Leave the poncho like it is on the back. Adjust the front. ^^

Made a version without the poncho just for an example on how it looks under.

More idea suggestions "under here"

I also suggest more outfits for survivors where they look very hurt. Like in game play outfits. Showing the survival from hits or traps, other special power the survivors have escaped like a outfit ;3 like blade hit in the back, or claw hit marks in the back, or trappers trap marks on a leg,

Pyramids torments on the survivor

Plagues puke over an outfit

The pigs trap as a cosmetic? Or from the saw games as a cosmetic. Some kind of another trap from the movies. "Destroyed eye, BECAUSE KEY INSIDE THEIR EYE TO GET OUT"

Hags trap rune as a tattoo?