New Killer as Medusa

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The Killer as Medusa/The Serpent, beautiful intimidating, with snakes as hair

Snake tail as bottom part, or not. Cosmetics skin? Many potentials with unique skins!


M1 killer with the power of turning survivors to stone/statues temporary.

Power 1. Turning survivors to stone.

Explaination: the longer the survivor is looking directly at the killer, they get hindered status until they look too long and turn into stone. (The killer can't injure survivors in the stone state. The survivor can break loose

example 1: with hard skillcheks. (3 quick overcharge skillcheks or like a merciless storm skillcheks)

example 2: or with the wiggle skillcheck/joystick to break loose.

If the survivor survivor completes the skillcheks they leave the stone state with the health they came in with a haste for 3 secounds. If they fail. Leaving them with mending status.

After breaking loose, no more hindered. But the killer can hit you out if the stone state, leaving the survivor with hindered 30 secounds)

Power 2. The eye (a token/tower with a glowing eye on top) Like the eye tower from the lords of the rings.

The killer can place up to 7 token/tower with the eye.

The killer can put out a glowing snake eye on the ground to give survivors hindered until exposed for being seen for too long by the eye. "like the pink glyphs"

Explanation: Medusa puts out a little tower/token that can see 360° with a fair long radius "can be addons to change or alter the eye's radius and power". Being exposed directly to the eye will give the survivor marked exposed status and the killer get killer instinct to chase the survivors (altered with addons).

The exposed survivor will not be able to turn off the eye while being exposed.. Only a survivor that haven't been marked by exposed can deactivate/destroy the eye.

Being exposed for around 60 secounds?

If the survivor is exposed and getting stoned, it will not effect the exposed Timer. But can use this to avoid getting hit with the exposed, if they are lucky enough for the timer to run out last secound.

change power 1? Turning survivors to stone.

Example 1: Instead of looking at the killer to get stoned. Standing still long enough in the killer radius will turn you into stone?

Medusas moris

Mori 1 should turn the survivor into a permamently statue, and have a line to say something like :You're in my collection now darling. And leaving a survivor fully statued in the game in perfect condition.

Mori nr 2 turning the survivor into a statue, and breaks it. Leaving ruins of the statue of the survivor. Having a line about not being worthy in her collection in anger.

"The killer should be able to choose the mori type" between a twisted lovely mori, or a hateful despiced mori.

The serpent/Medusa has normal walking speed with normal terror radius.

I appreciate your thoughts! :D