Are ALL current Survivors really in the entitys realm anymore?

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Whilst most of our questions about DBD Lore are awnsered, there's still one that bothers me:

Are the current Survivors we have in the game really inside of the Entitys realm anymore?

What i mean by this is that right now, the Realm is getting a bit too Full.

There are many Survivors at the campfire and if more characters keep on getting added, the campfire will be fuller than it should be, unless...The Old Survivors aren't even there anymore.

Lets Look at the main Menu screen for example, there's a log with how many Survivors there? 4. How many Killers observe them? 1.

If All Survivors would be inside of the Realm, wouldn't they all sit at the campfire? Or at least most of them?

This brings up a theory in me:

What if after the 5th Chapters Entry, all Survivors from that old Entry are somehow abandoned or already gone?

That means that Dwight, Meg, Claudette and Jake on the Survivor side were wiped away whilst Nea was entering the Realm with the Nurse since she's the 5th Survivor.

The Killers do not seem to have been affected by this. It has been indicated that they're constantly warped through time and reality and whereever the Entity needs them to do it's bidding.

So then when Nea came in, we got the new Survivor List which is:

Nea, Ace, Feng and David.

The Reason why i did not mention Laurie or Bill is because of a simple fact:

If the Entity does handle it like i just said, then Laurie would not be there for sure, since the entrys from Baker's Journal are around the 1940-1970's.

Due to some indication of Lore (Feng is a Esports Gamer, David's Tome shows him using a modernized Bus.) it is clear that our Survivors were taken way after that and even maybe at the exact same time they came out. 2016 to 2017.

So if Laurie didn't do a full time Warp, there's absoloutely no reason for her to be there since she already got wiped away when the 5th unkown Survivor came into the realm after her.

Besides that they're also Licensed. I personally do not think that Licensed Characters Co-exist with the original Timeline inside of DBD. I think that there's a reality, which is the one we currently have in the game where they do Co-exist, but not in the original one.

Since for example: Resident Evil is also a Fictional Video Game inside of the DBD World the original Survivors were taken from. I don't think that Jill Valentine would like to hear that she's just a video game character since you know, Feng literally has a cosplay from her character and obviously knows.

The current Survivors we have in the game are just there gameplay wise and obviously since they can't just remove that character suddendly.

Overview for the Years with the Original Survivors:

Year 1: Dwight, Meg, Claudette and Jake.

Year 2: Nea, Ace, Feng and David.

Year 3: Kate, Adam, Jeff and Jane. (Tapp and Quentin might be there. But as said, they're licensed so its not clear.)

Year 4: Yui, Zarina, Felix and Elodie.

Year 5: Yun-jin, Mikaela, Jonah, Haddie

Year: 6 Vittorio, Thalita, Renato, Gabriel

Year 7 came into life because of the Squished License Characters in between.

What do you guys think?


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    It's been expressed that yes our roster is but a fraction of the millions of being from unknown worlds and realities The Entity has its grasps into. What makes our group special is that despite everything they will not give up thus they will not be casted into the void to rot like every other being whose essence was drained. The Campfire is also a constant that every survivor will know, I believe its in our face that only 4 survivors will be grouped together and its random, this can be better proven with the Lyra siblings dialogues. Renato and Thalita are always excited to see each other as if they're never quite sure if they'd cross paths again.

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    While a very interesting take, our original 4 do in fact still exist alongside the newcomers and the licensed. It is semi canon to DBD that they are there but these are alternate version pulled from events that they'd never get to finish. For example Ash was taken after the cabin slaughter and rereading the Necronomicon brought him to the realm, meanwhile Jill was taken during the events of Re3 SO She'd obviously never defeat Nemesis. Another interesting Detail is Sheva would know Chris but Chris wouldn't know Sheva as she's from RE5 while I believe the Chris we have is from The Spencer Mansion events of RE1. While Jill would freak out that she's a video game character we must revisit what The Observer informed us of with Mikeala who'd dreamt of Claudette despite never knowing her. What is fiction in one world is real in another, Mikeala dreaming of the Entity and the trails lured it to herself causing Julian and later her to be taken into the fog. With that being stated, Feng would know our video game heroes and get to discuss this with the cast, along with most likely the Silent Hill cast as well!