Night of Shed Blood (chapter pitch)

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New killer: The Wolf

a young adult named Jacob Sinclair whom while during a hunting trip with his father got unlucky and was bitten by a massive wolf, after turning the next night he killed his own dad and ran into a thick black fog where he could hunt relentlessly without tiring.

killer is a werewolf, that can use a special pounce attack that can down survivors instantly or gain distance, the attack infects the survivor but the killer cannot pick them up, the survivor can recover on their own or have a teammate pick them up as well. an infected survivor is oblivious and cannot hear (ex: knockout). the survivor can cure the curse by stunning the killer or drinking from a wolf blood filled silver chalice found around the map. if a survivor is fully infected they will transform and chase a nearby survivor, the survivor will transform back if they attack another survivor or are stunned/ blinded, the infection meter will be set back. if a survivor is fully infected and found by the killer, the killer cannot attack them but can increase the infection meter.

killer perks: Smell of fear: after injuring a survivor gain a 3% speed boost and undetectable for 35/40/45 seconds or until any survivor loses a health state.

blood gatherer: for every downed, hooked, injured survivor gain a token. for every token gain a 15/20/25% stackable bloodpoint boost for every action, token will be lost when a survivor becomes healthy.

Selenophobia: the full moon rises and your prey learns of their grisly fate. all realms become 20% brighter but only for the killer, for survivors the map becomes 20% darker. while not in chase become undetectable but do not gain bloodlust while in chase.

New survivor: Jacob Sinclair

a young adult who while on a hunting trip near his house was attacked by a merciless beast. it killed his dad and bit him. he took chase and followed it into a cave covered in strange writings, there were people dressed in black robes all over the place, dead. the wolf-man attacked him but he dodged and shot it with his fathers shotgun, he injured it. it ran from the cave and jacob tried to pursue but his head began spinning, his heart began to beat faster, he felt animalistic. black fog swirled around him and he closed his eyes, when he opened them he was deep in woods, but he knew this was not his home. he smelt smoke in the air from afar, he followed the scent and met others trapped in this strange realm. a young combat medic with a reassuring look, a charming yet rugged fighter, and an old traveler with strange tattoos. he sat at the fire and awaited what would be coming when he heard a long familiar howl deep in the woods.

Survivor perks:

heightened senses: your beast blood has its pros and cons, you can focus and see where survivors, generators, and chests are when activating the ability button at any distance but are hindered, oblivious, and deafened for the same amount of time that the ability was used.

insomniac: due to your curse, sleep is no longer important. recover from exhaustion 35/40/45% slower when running but recover from exhaustion 20% faster when standing still and not performing any actions.

practically immortal: the beast within you needs to keep its host alive. recover from exposed 20% faster at all times and slowly gain health progress while within 10m of the killer at 10/12.5/15% speed this does not activate when hemorrhage effect is applied to the user.

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