New Chapter Idea: Vecna, Jim Hopper, and Joyce Byers (Stranger Things)

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Hello, everyone ! Just like everyone else, I miss the Stranger Things chapter very much, and while I know the license probably won't come back, I wanted to suggest this chapter idea as a fun return for the license to Dead By Daylight.

Map: The Creel Home

Medium-sized map with a very big main building taking up most of the map with a little bit of a forest and a playground on the outside of the house.

Killer: Vecna

110% movement speed


32-meter terror radius

Power: The Upside Down

Connection Gate

A connection gate will randomly spawn somewhere on the map. Interacting with the connection gate will spawn in 3 demogorgons onto the map and automatically switch your perspective to one of the demogorgons, moving your terror radius to the currently controlled demogorgon. You can switch between the demogorgons at any time. You can also exit the connection gate at any time, but you will be slowed for 5 seconds.


While controlling any demogorgon, hold the ability button and then press the attack button to lunge at a survivor, damaging them and leaving you on cooldown for a second.


While in the connection gate, tendrils will slowly seep out of it in a circular shape. These tendrils slow survivors down by 10% while standing in them. While holding the secondary ability button while NOT in the connection gate, you shoot tendrils out wherever you are looking that permanently stay where you set them.


Survivors can find molotovs in 5 special chests around the map. These molotovs can be thrown to destroy tendrils, but they can also be used to stun the killer while he is in the connection gate. If a survivor uses a molotov on the killer while they are in the connection gate, the killer is immediately pulled out of the connection gate, all demogorgons die, the killer gets stunned for 5 seconds, and the killer has -10% speed for the next 20 seconds. After 25 seconds, the connection gate randomly respawns and all demogorgons will randomly respawn when the connection gate is used again.


Grand Chime

The old grandfather clock is always chiming, and you have learned to play by its rhythm.

After injuring, deep wounding, or downing a survivor by any means, the survivor’s location is revealed for 3/5/7 seconds after an 8 second delay.

“All I needed was someone to open the door.”

Dimensional Connection

You have an unlikely connection to a different entity…

This perk causes you to become obsessed with a survivor.

Whenever your obsession completes a generator, they are exposed for 20/30/40 seconds. Your obsession is randomly changed to another survivor either after the exposed status effect runs out or after you hit the exposed survivor with a basic attack.

“YOU ! ”

Hive Mind

All the creatures are under one mind, and that mind is you.

All survivors within 1/2/3 meters of crows have their auras revealed to you.

“So beautiful… and it’s all thanks to you.”

Survivor: Jim Hopper


Chief of Police

It's your job to run the town when no one else can.

This perk activates when you are healthy.

Any time you take a protection hit, you get endurance for the next 10/12/15 seconds. Any time you are deep-wounded or dying, this perk goes on cooldown for 50/45/40 seconds.

"Nothing's gonna go back to the way that it was. Not really."

Coffee & Contemplation

Sometimes you don't feel like putting in the effort to help someone else out.

This perk activates when another survivor is put into the dying state or grabbed.

You gain an additional 6/7/8% generator repair speed and all survivors gain an additional 15/20/25% wiggle and recovery speed.

This perk deactivates whenever another survivor is hooked, recovers from the dying state, or escapes the killer's grasp. This perk then goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds.

"Flo, we've discussed this. Mornings are for coffee and contemplation."

Unintended Violence

You know best that any sticky situation can be solved with a swift punch to the face.

This perk decreases your likelihood of becoming the obsession.

This perk activates when another survivor is picked up or grabbed by the killer.

Press the active ability button 1 to do a 1.5 second long punching animation that freezes you in place for the duration. If the killer is within 2 meters after the animation ends, you stun the killer. If the killer is stunned by this perk, you become the obsession.

If this perk stuns the killer, you are exhausted for 40/30/20 seconds.

If this perk does not stun the killer, you are exhausted for 80/70/60 seconds.

"Look, Dr. Brenner asked for me specifically, okay?"

Survivor: Joyce Byers


Motherly Instincts

This perk decreases your likelihood of becoming the obsession.

This perk deactivates when you become the obsession and activates when you are not the obsession.

Any time you are within 10 meters of the obsession, the obsession gains endurance. This part of the perk deactivates when the obsession is deep-wounded. This part of the perk reactivates after a 50/40/30 second cooldown.

Any time that you are healing or mending another survivor, you may press the active ability button 1 to instantly make that survivor the obsession.

"They're not little kids anymore. They're teenagers."

Boon : Brief Respite

After blessing a totem, all survivors within 20 meters of the blessed totem gain 30/40/50% increase recovery from the exhaustion effect.

"You're not alone."

Desperate Offering

This perk activates any time you are hooked.

While standing still, press the active ability button 1 to do a 10 second long animation to create a dull totem in front of you. This perk then goes on cooldown for 60/50/40 seconds. If the killer is within 15 meters of the created totem, the totem's aura is revealed to the killer.

Any time you cleanse or bless a totem, this perk goes on cooldown for 40/30/20 seconds. If this perk is already on cooldown, 40/30/20 seconds is added to the previous cooldown instead.

This perk deactivates once the exit gates are powered, but it can be activated again by being hooked.

"Maybe I am a mess. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm out of my mind ! "

Let me know what you think of this whole chapter idea in the comments !