Otto Stamper from Dredge's lore is not the same Otto Stamper from Doctor's lore

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Basically, they're from two different terras/universes.

One is from base Haddie's terra while the other is from tome Haddie's terra.

Base Haddie in her lore finds the secluded island where the fold used to live as well as see the residual memories of when the people of the fold killed each other and created the Dredge, which by default means that Otto Stamper also lives in Base Haddie's universe as he was the leader of The Fold Community as seen in Dredge's bio lore.

Meanwhile we have Tome Haddie who is not only a different version of Haddie who lives in another terra, but she lives in the same universe as other characters such as Blight, Felix, Elodie, Twins, Vittorio, Knight, Carmina, Jonah, Doctor and of course, Otto Stamper.

Here is how that connects.

In one tome Haddie's tome entries called ''Twelve to Midnight. The Crows.'', there are references to some of the previously mentioned characters throughout in said story entry, those references are the following.

  • A bottle of Grime: An obvious reference to Talbot Grimes aka The Blight, meaning Blight exist in the same universe as Tome Haddie and by extension Felix, Elodie and Twins as well. Felix and Elodie is connected to Blight because they and the other Pariah children finds the long abandoned East Indian Company laboratory and prison camp on Dyer Island that Talbot used in his bio lore, while The Twins are connected to Elodie because they are referenced in Elodie's bio lore.

  • Painting of the Medieval lord: A painting of a Medieval lord who can see into other worlds which Max and Haddie finds along with The Crow paintings and other hidden things along with it such as different poetry, statues and art, a clear reference to Vittorio and by extension Knight since both directly know each other.

  • The Crow paintings: The paintings that Carmina painted in her time before being taken by the fog that Luis in the tome entry kept with him hidden away which the mercenaries in the story is after, the paintings along with Carmina herself being mentioned by name more than once as well as herself as a killer appearing to max when he enters the bleed after he and Haddie finds the hidden paintings, meaning both Carmina and by extension Jonah exist in that universe as Carmina is referenced in Jonah's lore.

So now that we've established that Jonah exist in Tome Haddie's terra, let's take a look at Jonah's own tome, there we will find in the last entry this little reference to Otto Stamper and Herman Carter aka The Doctor.

Basically confirming that Otto & The Doctor both exist in the same terra as Jonah and by extension the same terra as Tome Haddie does as well as every other connected name previously mentioned.

So unless The Black Vale has found a yet to be confirmed way to travel back and forth between different terra worlds, it simply would not be possible for the Otto Stamper in Dredge's lore to be the exact same Otto Stamper from Doctor's lore.


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    great post, love seeing the connections between all the characters in DBD. but now you have to find out who Pauline Stamper is lol

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    Best bet would be either she's related to Tome Haddie's Otto Stamper or She's from a third terra altogether.

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    Isn’t it possible that Felix and Elodie are from different universes as well? Since there are multiple iterations of all of these same characters? Can’t each and every one of them be from a different world but with similarities that are close enough to make it seem like they come from the same place? Couldn’t this be true of every character? Millions of memories in the fog from a million different versions of the same person?

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    Infinite versions exist of everyone yes, however there is nothing in the lore that suggests that the versions of Elodie, Felix and all the aforementioned characters read about in the tome entry are from a different terra than that of the playable versions of them, not all characters are from different terras than other characters, like how certain killers and Survivors are connected to one another in their lore.

    The only characters you can make a case for being from different terras are those who's lores doesn't have any connections to other specific existing versions of a character, and if there is a connection to one, that the said version connected to them differs from the playable version's lore or actions.

    Examples of actual multiverse cases are things such as the entire storyline of terra arachna, the multiple different confirmed versions of Haddie, the multiple different confirmed versions of Trapper and the entry about Emperor Dwight just to name a few.

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    Yes and no.

    Some base and tome characters are from the same universe/terra as other base and tome characters, while other base and tome characters are from completely seperate universes/terras not connected to any of the other base or tome characters.

    With characters like Otto Stamper and Haddie, both are from a universe/terra where existing playable characters originate from which also have tome characters that exist in those universes/terras as well.