Dead by Daylight Movie + New Chapter FINAL GIRL (concept)

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I’ve been wondering how they would do the Dead by Daylight movie, and specifically who would be the main character. Sure, it could be Claudette, Dwight, Meg, Jake or any one of the countless survivors who’ve been introduced since. 

Now this is just my opinion, but I think it’s a perfect opportunity for a brand new character who the audience can relate to and enter the realm of the entity through their eyes. 

Also this could be a great chance to create a new iconic final girl in a horror franchise (every successful franchise needs one!). 

I’ve always thought about what happens to the people who knew the survivors before they were taken by the entity. Life goes on, but there’s always a missing piece of the puzzle. You can’t have a horror movie without telling a human story. 

Here’s my idea…

Annika Driver is like any other eighteen-year-old with their whole life ahead of them. 

But whilst graduating High School might’ve felt like surviving a horror movie, the strange dreams she’s been having recently feel too similar to one for her liking. 

The dreams are very similar, but not quite the same. They always involve a man, sometimes a woman, running from someone. Someone dangerous. Sometimes, it’s something dangerous. Annika doesn’t remember every detail, but she remembers their terror, the running, and the image of hooks dangling from the sky. 

The most recent dream was the worst one yet. There’s a man, and his face is shrouded in shadow, his body is covered in fog. He screams out in pain, begging for the torturous suffering to end. Annika doesn’t think she knows him, but he calls out for her. “Annika! Please help me” he cries in pain, reaching out his bloody hand. 

She tries to help him by extending her arm, but when she does the man is dragged into the darkness by a monstrous being with sharp spider-like arms. At that point, she always wakes up crying for the suffering man. 

Annika doesn’t know why she keeps having this dream, but it’s the summer before starting college to study Architecture and she can’t let it get in the way of this next chapter in her life. 

Unlike a lot of parents, her mother Ingrid and her dad Peter aren’t worried about Annika going to college. She’s self-assured, smart and capable of handling herself. But Ingrid has noticed a shift with her recently, seeming more anxious than usual. 

Not only has she been having this recurring nightmare, but Annika has been feeling like someone has been watching her. Following her. 

Whilst out with friends at the beach she notices a woman standing on the dune staring at them, not too far from where they were having a barbecue. Then again at the library, the same woman was watching Annika behind the bookcase. Finally at the coffee shop, the woman was sat at the front by the window as Annika came out of the restroom. 

That was it, she had to confront her. 

But when she approached her, the mysterious woman spoke first. “Annika, right? It’s nice to finally meet you”. 

Annika was confused. She’s never seen the woman before in her life. 

She introduces herself as Rosa Bianchi , and explains how she was part of this group called the Pariahs which consisted of herself, Sebastian Sanchez, Adisah Mensah, Elodie Rakoto, and Felix Richter. 

After explaining about how they met at Dyer Island and the disappearance of their parents, Rosa deals a heavy blow. 

“This would’ve been a lot easier if your mother had just been honest with you, and I hate to shatter your world, sweet Annika. But I was friends with your father before he disappeared. Your real father that is. My old friend, Felix Richter”.

Annika doesn’t believe Rosa. She’s just met this woman and she talks about all this crazy stuff about disappearances and underground laboratories. 

But she isn’t someone who can hold something in, so once she gets home she decides to confront her mother and ask if what Rosa told her is true. Surprisingly Ingrid doesn’t deny this, having made a pact with Peter that when the time came that they would be honest with Annika about her real father. 

It all made sense now. Why they moved from Germany to the US when she was only two years old. Why Peter’s mother acts strange around her. The nightmares she’d been having. 

She couldn’t take it anymore, this revelation became too much. Annika went out to meet her friends at a party and decided that night she was going to get completely wasted and forget that today happened at all. 

After passing out at the party, she’s awakened by the smell of smoke and the heat of flames. 

Annika starts coughing as the smoke fills her lungs. She crawls out of bed and staggers to her feet to open the door of the bedroom, but the exit is blocked by fire. She turns to the window as her only means of escape, but as hard as she tries she cannot open it. 

Feeling helpless, Annika screams for somebody to hear her. To save her.

Exhausted and struggling to breathe, she falls back onto the bed and starts to cry, wishing that this is a nightmare she can wake up from. 

Suddenly the floor gives way and the bed that Annika is lay on falls through into the room downstairs. Barely conscious, she looks around to see that all of her friends have passed out, or worse. 

Then a noise alerts her. It’s the sounds of the fire engines' sirens. Her eyes shift towards the window where flashes of red and white blind her eyes. Maybe she can be saved. 

But as she lays there in the burning building a cold chill brushes against her skin and smoke rises from beneath the bed and covers her like a blanket. 

Yet it’s not smoke, it’s something different. It’s cold and wet like on a misty day. A foggy day.

The sound of the burning building and her friends’ screams ring in her ear before fading into quiet echos and everything turns dark. Annika can only feel cold and darkness now. 

Is this what it’s like being dead? Am I dead? She thinks. 

But she’s not dead… yet. She’s elsewhere. 

Something saved Annika from death that night, but she’s in the entity's realm now, and as we all know, death is not an escape. 

Let the trials commence. Will Annika be dead by daylight? 

About 30 minutes into the movie is when we follow Annika as she navigates the entities realm, meets the characters we love and hate, and maybe, just maybe, might meet the man who came to her in her dream.

Final Girl - New Survivor - Annika Richter

Being brought into the entity's realm isn’t easy on anybody, but every survivor has been through it. You might not expect this girl to put up much of a fight, but what would be the fun in an easy kill? Introducing a brand new survivor from Dead by Daylight (the movie) - Annika Richter and her three new perks:

Fog Whisperer - For some reason the entity saved you from death. Now you can use it to your advantage. 

Whilst injured, press the active ability button to activate Fog Whisperer. Whilst active, the next pallet you drop will instantly destroy the pallet, but calls upon the entity to create a cloud of fog in the area making it difficult for the killer to see you. 

Trope Subverter  - It’s a new age of horror, and it’s time for a twist on this trope. 

After completing one generator, this perk is activated. Whilst injured and repairing a generator with at least one other person, press the active ability button to begin Subversion. Whilst active and repairing the generator, you and any injured teammates also repairing the generator with you will be healed one health state after 20 seconds. 

Once healed, the generator will instantly lose 12.5% of its total progress per survivor healed. If the generator is completed before it can be regressed, all generators will be blocked for 30 seconds. 

Showdown - The final act of the movie is where the final girl really shines.

Once the exit gates are powered, this perk activates. If you open the exit gates whilst this perk is active, an almost invisible wall will block the entrance to the exit area for the killer for 30 seconds.

Neither the killer or their powers (Huntress axes, Deathslingers spear) can penetrate past the exit gate.


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    Remember when the producers of Mortal Kombat introduced Cole, the every-man character that everyone hated because he upstaged the characters people bought tickets to see? That. Every-man characters do not work when introduced to an established franchise.

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    This was deleted and re-added for some reason so see my post below

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    I take some issue with describing her as just an every-man character when she's supposed to be a final girl, akin to Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott, Ellen Ripley etc.. Plus I have a few counter-arguments.

    1. Studios need more than just players of the game to watch a movie or else it'll just be a flop. Take Resident Evil for example. Whilst not everyone loves the Alice movies, they certainly did better than any of the attempts to stay faithful to the games and spawned a whole franchise.
    2. Annika would be related to a legacy character already established in the lore (Felix's girlfriend was pregnant when he was taken by the entity).
    3. You can't directly transfer a game into a movie. There would be too many characters and not enough room for development or storytelling.
    4. Choosing to follow an existing character would annoy a lot of the players anyway because either a) they dislike that character or b) they will argue why another character has better lore and therefore should've been the protagonist. This way it allows them to concentrate on a new character but also have the character we know and love as supporting characters.
    5. It gives them the opportunity to introduce a new character into the game which they can't do if it follows an already existing character.

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    "I think it’s a perfect opportunity for a brand new character who the audience can relate to and enter the realm of the entity through their eyes."

    You literally described an every-man character.

    1) Studios do need more than just existing fans of a franchise. That's done through good writing and characterisation. It isn't necessarily achieved by just adding a new main character rather than utilising existing characters in an appropriate way. Any existing character can serve as a vehicle of relatability for an audience. The Paul W.S. Anderson movies have always been critically obliterated and generally disliked by fans. They've made a profit, but aside from names and the occasional plot point, they're nothing like the games they're based on. The animated movies are more faithful to the franchise, the characters and the lore, and have been very well received.

    2) Being related to a legacy character doesn't really change much. Existing fans would much rather have a legacy character, non-fans who just want a good movie won't care either way. It hurts no-one to stick to what fans know.

    3) Completely true. Not everything translates to the big screen, not everything can translate to the big screen.

    4) It may annoy a few people. Focusing primarily on a new character and reducing established characters to also-rans is probably more annoying.

    5) True, but that shouldn't be a deciding factor. They already have a ton of potential to add movie skins for existing characters.

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    Well it's just an idea, I might write a short story about it. We'll see what they come up with, I just worry that it could be a mediocre or bad movie that relies on its established IP.