My Idea for a shapeshifter killer

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The Shapeshifter

Ability: Mind Games

Press the active ability button to become a random survivor. During this time, you have the ability to drop pallets and vault windows. Attacking while copying will reveal yourself; and the ability will go on cooldown for 15 seconds.

While copying a survivor you can access your secondary ability.

Secondary ability: Machinations of Fear

While copying a survivor, you can place down a fake copy of your killer. It will patrol an area and will chase down survivors who get near. It cannot harm survivors, and will disappear if a pallet is dropped onto it.

Special Ability: The Final Act

Once only one survivor remains, The Final Act activates. During this time, multiple killer copies will be placed with 48 meters of the survivor, and they will all start chasing that survivor from various angles. They act as normal copies, creating confusion until The Shapeshifter can enact the final blow.


  • DrDucky
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    This is way too overpowered. You could just shapeshift and drop all the pallets on the map.

    On top of that the rest of the power is actually quite weak since the fake killer copy is literally just a knight guard that cannot harm survivors, so the correct way to play this killer would be to shapeshift and go around dropping all the pallets in an area to lock it down. The average survivor/SWF is not going to fall for the copy/ just call it out.

  • salt_star
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    depending on the case i feel like it could be viable, as an example if you place them around corners to keep the survivors on edge

  • Vaderman
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    True. No pallets then. Perhaps while shapeshifting they could work on generators with other survivors to trick them.

    Ill think of another idea regarding the secondary ability. Thank you for the feedback

  • salt_star
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    no, no keep the secondary, there could be real use there

    maybe it could injure but not down?

  • salt_star
    salt_star Member Posts: 10

    i feel like either way it has merit simply scaring your victims and maybe instead of hurting them it erupts in a screeching rage and chases down the survivor, making the location very obvious?

  • Archael
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    I was thinking about shapeshifting killer. My idea is not finished yet, but:

    1. Shapeshifter should be able to repair gens, and regress them at certain point based on repair progress.
    2. Shapeshifter should be able to hang on hook or lay in dying state to mimic survivors.
    3. Shapeshifter have to be able to swap places with survivors.
    4. Shapeshifter have to be able to use perks of the survivor they turned into.
    5. Most importantly - how to prevent swfs from knowing who is shapeshifter?