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Off-Topic: Been Playing Other Games + Listening To Some Amazing Game OSTs

Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,802

To prevent getting burned out on DBD, Ive been playing other games. Ive also been paying attention a lot more to the music used in games since they help set the mood and really put things into place. It cannot be understated how important an OST is to a game. Anyways, here are some games Ive been playing (and songs from the OST that I really like)...

Risk of Rain 2:

  • "The Rain Formerly Known as Purple" - Chris Christodoulou
  • "Risk of Rain 2" - Chris Christodoulou
  • "...Con Lentitud Poderosa" - Chris Christodoulou

Core Keeper:

  • "Living Walls" - Jonathan Geer
  • "Uncanny" - Jonathan Geer

Calamity Mod (Terraria):

  • "Stained, Brutal Calamity" - DM DOKURO
  • "Roar of The Jungle Dragon" - DM DOKURO
  • "Guardian of Former Seas" - DM DOKURO

Anyways, I would recommend checking out some of these games/songs if you can. They are amazing. And if you have any game/song suggestions feel free to let me know!


  • NoOneKnowsNova
    NoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,782

    Have you checked out Hades and Hi-Fi Rush woth streamer mode on? Both of those have very good soundtracks imo.

    Also I agree risk of rain 2 has amazing music. Con Lentitud Poderosa is how I found out the game exists.