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Dark Souls Paragraph Concept

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Dark Souls

Killer: The Abysswalker


Difficulty: Very Hard




Menus Theme: https://youtu.be/QbO70-JLvo0

Chase Theme: https://youtu.be/vK0w67B4EtU

Artorias is a fearless knight who was consumed by the abyss becoming stronger and more dangerous.

His personal perks, Consumed By Darkness, Hex: Vow Of Silence, and Shadow Trace allow him to apply exposed after breaking breaking a pallet or breakable wall, make Survivors unable to interact when completing a generator, and be undetectable at the start of the trial.

Weapon: Abyss Greatsword


Known for his unbreakable will of steel and admiration for greatswords, Artorias was trained to combat the Abyss that leaked from underneath the kingdom of Lordran. Originally a powerful knight who attempted to free Oolacile from the possession of Manus

Artorias was once one of the Four Knights of Gwyn alongside Ornstein Gough and Ciaran. Accompanied by his wolf companion Sif, Artorias fought the Darkwraiths of New Londo who had since fallen from grace to the Abyss. For his noble actions, he was awarded a Silver Pendant that deflects the dark spells from the Abyss. Supposedly, within the ruins of New Londo, Artorias established a covenant with beasts that were not yet corrupted and was granted a special ring that allowed him to enter the Abyss itself without being consumed, thus giving him the alias Artorias the Abysswalker.

Artorias would then hear of Oolacile, a place corrupted by the direct source of the Abyss itself, a sorcerer by the name of Manus. While Ornstein stayed behind to guard Anor Londo with Executioner Smough, Artorias, Ciaran, and Gough ventured to Oolacile. While the other knights fought against the infected citizens of Oolacile and Gough attempted to settle his score with the Black Dragon Kalameet, Artorias and Sif entered the Abyss to engage Manus and rescue Princess Dusk. However, when Artorias entered the Abyss to confront Manus, he was completely overwhelmed by the darkness. Deeply marked by the Abyss with his arm broken, Artorias had no choice but to abandon his shield so as to protect Sif in a magic barrier and was corrupted by the Abyss he was destined to destroy and has become nothing more than those that he had ever fought: a feral monster. He later emerged from the Abyss, not as his regular self, but rather an alteration deprived of spreading the Abyss.

After being taken by the Entity into a new dark world, the fallen hero can only kill anything in his way.

Special Carry Animation

Artorias’s left arm was shattered after confronting Manus becoming unable to be use. Artorias can carry survivor’s by stabbing the Survivor’s shoulder and lift them over his shoulder and when attacking while carrying he would attack similar to The Knight but at a downward style.

Power: Abyssal Corruption

The Abysswalker has become dangerous when corrupted by the abyss empowering him into darkness.

Special Power: Stabbing Charge

Press and hold the Power button then release to dash forward by 8 meters in a straight line to thrust your sword forward making a survivor lose a health state.

Special Attack: Somersault Smashing Combo

While charging Stabbing Charge, press the Attack button to preform a forward somersault by 12 meters and smash your sword at the ground wounding survivors and inflicting the Mangled status effect,press the Attack button again to preform one or two additional Somersault Smashing Combo.

Special Ability: One with the Abyss

Press the Active Ability button to power yourself up by the abyss that lasts for 60 seconds. When One with the Abyss is active, the distance of Stabbing Charge gets a increase to 13 meters while the distance of Somersault Smashing Combo gets a increase of 17 meters, both move faster and can now put instant down Survivors. One with the Abyss has a 90 second cooldown when the ability has no duration. 


The Abysswalker leaps and impales the Survivor’s chest and stabs at the same position as the abyss surrounds him he release a mighty roar he spins to have his sword over his shoulder and then swings his sword throwing the survivor’s body.


Consumed By Darkness

The darkness has enveloped you to be a terrifying force nothing could stand in your way.

When you break a pallet or breakable wall, Survivors in your Terror Radius will suffer the Exposedstatus effect for 20 seconds. This perks goes into a cooldown of 75/60/45 seconds.

Hex: Vow Of Silence

A Hex that shatters ones hope and will into uselessness.

When Hex: Vow Of Silence is active, any Survivor that completes a generator will suffer the Incapacitated status effect for 30/45/60 seconds.

The Hex effects persists until it’s Hex Totem is cleansed.

Shadow Trace

In the face of darkness, you have become one with it unseen and follow in the shadows.

At the start of the Trial, You gain Undetectable status effect for 30/45/60 seconds. Extends the duration of Undetectable status to you by 6 seconds.

In Game Cosmetic Store

Ultra Rare Cosmetic for The Knight: Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder

Killer Charm: Soul Of Artorias (Very Rare Rarity)

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