Dark Souls: King Of The Storm Chapter Concept

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Dark Souls: King Of The Storm 

New Map: Archdragon Peak

New Realm: Lothric

Killer: The Nameless King


Difficulty: Hard




Menu Theme: https://youtu.be/ooCb7rwKfBI

Chase Theme: https://youtu.be/QX2KhNY-eNs

Nameless King is the god of war and heir of lightning, the firstborn of Gwyn born to fight in war.

His personal perks, War Of Destruction, King’s Absolution, and Draconic Dance allows him to apply the Exposed status on Survivors near a hooked Survivor, block off generators when he gets stunned, and block exit gates when a Survivor fails a continous skill check.

Weapon: Dragonslayer Swordspear


The Nameless King was a dragon-slaying god of war in the Age of the Gods and heir to lightning as Gwyn’s first born son. Nameless soon faced an uncomfortable truth, the glory much that like of the dragons would not last forever, the everlasting dragons were vulnerable now and were forced to adapted to this unfamiliar and hostile world. The war had been fought in the name of disparity, but Gwyn’s Age of Fire is nothing of the sort, darkness was the enemy now and Gwyn would do anything to prevent his Age of Fire from ending. So how righteous truly could their war against the ancient unchanging dragons had been, when Gwyn himself refused to cede to the natural order? Thus begin the betrayal of Gwyn’s first born son, his God of War who sacrificed everything to ally with the remaining ancient dragons.

Ashamed by his first borns betrayal, enraged by his disobedience and driven by that famous desire to erase all that opposed him, Gwyn disowned his first born son, his Royal blood was denied. His legacy was expunged from the annals of history, and the alters of his worship were smashed beyond recognition, his name was lost forever.

The Entity has call upon Nameless King into the fog recognizing it as his home Archdragon Peak but with unwelcome guests, Nameless will insure that the dragons will not be harmed as long as he stands.

Power: Heir Of Lightning

The Nameless King inherited the sunlight which manifests as lightning to fight even the most challenging opponents.

The Nameless King comes in a variety of abilities when in use of his Sunlight Spear into powerful lightning.

Sunlight Spear

Press and hold the Power button then release to hurl forward a fast Sunlight Spear at Survivors 

Lightning Stake

When holding the Sunlight Spear press the interaction button to slam the bolt on the ground with a circle shape AoE up to 8 meters around The Nameless King to make a survivor lose a health state or damage generators. If a Survivor is too close they will end up in the dying state instead.

Expanding Lightning 

When holding the Sunlight Spear press the Attack button to strike at the ground after 3 seconds 4 smaller lighting bolts will fire out from that location at different directions traveling by the floor for 9 meters to injure survivors.


Survivor gets up from the ground as The Nameless King powers his weapon with electricity and stabs the Survivor’s chest lifted upwards and struck by lightning killing them as The Nameless King throws them down out of his swordspear.


War Of Destruction

Your life as a war god has made you dangerous even when others try to endure you.

When a Survivor is near a hooked Survivor within 24 meters, they will suffer the Exposed status effect for 25/40/55 seconds. War of destruction then goes into a 65 second cooldown.

King’s Absolution

Your power remains unmatched by anyone and shall face your true wraith.

When you get stunned 5/4/3 times the generator with the most progression explodes losing 10/15/20% worth of progress, starts to regress and cause The Entity to block the generator for 35 seconds.

Affected generators are highlighted by a white aura.

Draconic Dance

Allying with the dragons has helped you adapt and learn new methods for battle. 

Once the exit gates are powered, Draconic Dance activates. When a survivor works on the  exit gates they will face continuous skill checks. If they miss or stop powering up, exit gates will be blocked by The Entity for 35 seconds and can only block exit gates once per exit gate in a trial. Exit gate powering is increased by 10/15/20 seconds and missing a continuous skill check loses 8% of its current progress.

In Game Cosmetic Store

Ultra Rare Cosmetic for The Nameless King: Dragon Slayer Ornstein

Ultra Rare Cosmetic for The Knight: Soul Of Cinder

Killer Charm: Soul Of The Nameless King (Rare Rarity)

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