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Dark Souls: Slave Knight Gael

Killer: The Slave Knight


Difficulty: Moderate




Menu Theme: https://youtu.be/k1jTw8zNurg

Chase Theme: https://youtu.be/uJg97Zj_BO0

Gael is a slave knight maddened by the dark souls corruption, consuming souls of the Pygmy lords into power.

His personal perks, Scourge Hook: Maddening, Opportunism, and No Man’s Land allow him to slow down a Survivor after a save, make Survivors scream as they failing a skill check when healing another Survivor, and cause the exposed status when a Survivor fails a skill check on a generator.

Weapon: Gael’s Greatsword


The life of a slave knight is a life of sacrifice, believed to reside in the painting, Gael acted as some parental figure to The Painter, who calls him her uncle. It is believed that he departed the painting after she was locked away, taking the rotted remains of the physical portal with him, attempting to find another Ashen One to complete the prophecy that would burn away the rotted world so that the Painter could replace it.

Unable to find one, he travels to the Cathedral of the Deep, praying for divine aid in his mission. When he encounters the Champion, he is overjoyed to have completed his search, and requests the Ashen One to free The Painter and show her the flame that would burn the rot. Once they come into contact with the piece of the painting, the Ashen One is pulled into the painted world.

Gael's mission to find the Dark Soul leads him to the Ringed City where he finally meets the Pygmy Lords whose blood would apparently serve as a suitable pigment. However to his shock, their blood has dried out over the ages and is therefore useless to him. Driven mad by this revelation and determined to complete his mission, Gael slaughters the Pygmies, cutting their throats and drinking their dried blood, in a desperate attempt to take the Dark Soul for himself. But even he realized that the Dark Soul was too powerful for him to handle, and it mutated his body, causing him to grow in size and warp his mind.

Gael now fully corrupted by the Dark Soul, has then traveled to a unknown world he hasn’t seen to find more portions of the Dark Soul.

Power: Dark Soul

After becoming mad by consuming the dark soul from the Pygmy king, The Slave Knight has become stronger and dangerous anyone can become his next victim claim the dark soul for his lady’s painting.

Hold the Active Ability button to switch abilities into Blade of Peril or Repeating Crossbow. 

Special Attack: Blade of Peril

Hold the Power button to charge then release to do a small leap forward slamming your sword with the red coat attacking forward by 3 meters. While charging press the Attack button to use the red coat into a 360 spin that reaches to 7 meters.

Special Power: Repeating Crossbow

When the Repeating Crossbow out, hold the Power button then press the Attack button to shoot 3 arrows, press and hold the Attack button to shoot multiple arrows up to the max of 20 arrows. The Slave Knight’s crossbow has aim assistance and a max of 80 arrows in inventory when empty Repeating Crossbow goes into a 40 second cooldown to reload.


The Slave Knight plunged his greatsword into the Survivor’s chest then with the Survivor stuck in his sword The Slave Knight swings his sword slamming the Survivor left then right then left and right again making the survivor flung off the sword as then finishes the Survivor by leaping height and stabs the Survivor’s head.


Scourge Hook: Maddening

No one is safe after saving another for you will already catch up to them at your grasp.

At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into scourge hooks.

When a Survivor unhooks a Survivor form a Scourge Hook, they suffer 10% Hindered status for 12/16/20 seconds.


Taking advantage of any kind of failed altruism shall be noticed.

When a Survivor fails a skill check healing another Survivor in 8/16/24 meters of the Killers Terror Radius, the Survivor will scream and reveal their location for 9 seconds.

No Man’s Land

Everywhere you go brings devastation on anything you come across even the strong.

Survivors suffer the Exposed status effect for 10/20/30 seconds when missing a skill check on generators. No Man’s Land goes into a cooldown of 50/40/30 seconds.


“What, still here?” Gael when he finds a Survivor in a locker

“Hand it over. That thing, your dark soul.” Gael when he downs a Survivor

“For my lady’s painting.” Gael when he hooks a Survivor

“Ahh, is this the blood? The blood of the dark soul?” Gael when he gets stunned by a Survivor 

“And then, the Ashes were two.” Gael when he hooks a Survivor

“If you truly are Ash, then it must be fire that you seek.” Gael when a Survivor escapes his grasp

Voice Lines


Killer Charm: Soul Of Slave Knight Gael (Ultra Rare Rarity)

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