Looking to make some UK based friends to play with over 20+ years old

I'm a 28 year old girl from the Netherlands, I like playing dbd but often have to play it alone. I'm not even decent at dbd, cant even loop but I'd like to learn. I'm currently a Survivor main, looking for some people who'd like to duo or group sometime :)

Just respond and I can send my disc over, VC preferred

I will not tolerate people coming at me with romantic/seggsual intent, I have a bf (not trying to be THAT girl but youd be surprised how many people cant respect boundaries x_x )


  • Pringlez_99
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    I'd love to play sometime. I'm not decent either but I do just like to have some fun! let me know :)

  • idek120
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    Would love to play with you.

    My discord is: Cringe_Worthy24

    I play on ps

  • Dauntless
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    Hi y’all! I’m from the Midwest area of the states. I just started but catching on quickly. I wish there were a chat feature because it’s fun and all but would rather have a group to help me learn. I’ll download discord and upload my user name. I don’t know what to do next so if you want me to join with y’all let me know.

    discord = daauntless

    Xbox = darkarchon76

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  • StellarNebulae
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    Hello! My discord is mortuaintus. My PSN is StellarNebulae.

  • Robyte
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    Hey, If U are still looking for people feel free to @ me, i Play on PC with roughly 5k hours.

    My DC IS: robyte

    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198106822834/

  • lauraOfc
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    Hoi, mijn discord is: lauraOfc#3321 voeg min toe

  • ChrissyG88
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    Hi, hope you make some cool UK contacts in the DBD community. I don't have discord myself, but I enjoy SoloQ anyway!

    FYI, if you weren't looking for romantic suggestions, you could probably have abstained from letting everyone know you're a girl with your post, as it's rather unnecessary.