Chapter Idea: Chords Of Control

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New Killer: The Puppeteer

Rachel Baker adored the small shows she would put on for her family, initially beginning with sock puppets and transitioning to dolls as she grew up. Rachel worked hard in school and put effort into all of her responsibilities. After graduating, Rachel's skills with puppeteering became far better to the point she could effortlessly put on a show with multiple marionettes.

Rachel made her way through college, attempting to graduate in education and creative writing. She found the idea of creating stories amazing, even if puppeteering wouldn't be good enough to the public. She felt that society was veering away from plays and theatre, and she never joined the latter because of the people. She remembers her experience in school, every actor and actress relied on one another, on the backstage crew, it was ignorant. A good show had only one narrator and a single person to ensure the message went through to the audience, that was the way to do it.

Rachel had thought that becoming an author would solve her problems, as a way to ensure her stories and themes would get into an audience, a fanbase even. But she soon realized that the books were also influenced by unnecessary editors who never understood the meaning behind her works of art. They all claimed her narrative to be too dark and "exceedingly" violent. She wouldn't comply with their editing advice, she couldn't it would ruin the good parts.

After getting home from an interview with another editor, turning on the TV to try and ease her mind. Rachel began to think that maybe she should give up on her stories, but then something on the TV caught her attention. She turned up the volume and listened. The following footage contains disturbing imagery, viewer discretion is advised.

The screen changes from a well light room with two individuals sitting at a table, to a dark room, filled with chains, shattered glass, and a person in the center. A man dressed in black begins to torture the person in the center, the figure speaks and shouts at the victim. Rachel watches, unable to move. Once the footage ends, Rachel runs to her bedroom, grabs a notepad, and begins to write. She knew this is how she would tell her stories.

After some thinking, she switched her classes to anatomy and psychology, as to help increase her knowledge on her project. She studied for almost two years under her professors, involving herself far more than she ever remembers. When she felt ready, Rachel used a 3D printer in one of the science rooms to create a mask for herself, once it was finished, she was pleased with the result.

Then, came the rest of the outfit, Rachel knew exactly what she wanted and looked around for the design online. Without much luck, she turned to a local fashion designer, Mark Robes, and asked for his help. Rachel sent a sketch of the design she wanted and within a week Mr. Robes contacted her, telling her that he had finished the outfit. Delighted, Rachel went to meet with him to discuss the details, and knocked him unconscious, dragging him to her hideout in an abandoned hospital.

She had everything in place and strapped Mark to a bed, face down. She had stripped him down to his undergarments, and as he woke up, she began to make the incisions. Surely, but slowly, Rachel began to tie wire around his nerves and often pulled on them to make sure they would follow without much resistance. In time, Mark stopped resisting entirely, merely crying on the bed due to the pain.

She would try and soothe him, telling him that the story he would be a part of would be the beginning of her series of tales and legends. Once he was ready, Rachel connected the strings to the floor above, to wait for when she was fully prepared to begin.

Rachel began the transformation by dying her hair a purple tint, letting it fall over her shoulders. Then, the outfit comes on, the swirls of blue, purple, and black go up the arms and make a beautiful design on the front. And finally, the mask, an eerie smile spreading to the edges, the top peaking right over her nose. She covered her forehead in black makeup and white dots for a starry night, and she was ready.

Hurriedly, Rachel gets to the second floor and places the strings over her fingers, Mark down below became subject to the testing to ensure she had the right string on the right finger. Rachel had destroyed the ceiling between the floor she was on and the floor below, allowing for no need to depend on the cameras she had set up in preparation for the show.

In cooperation with Rachel, Mark walks along with the strings, out into the main stage. Welcome to the show kiddos! Today, Mr. Morning will tell us why we should be nice to each other! Tina spoke to the cameras since the footage was already live-streamed on various platforms. She then went on to mock Mark, making a voice for him and narrating a fabrication of Mr. Morning killing people. At the end of the story, Rachel grabbed all of the strings together and pulled them up with an extreme tug.

Each wire rips out of Mark's body, the nerves now lie on the outside of the body as he falls to the ground motionless. Tina laughs aloud to the audience and explains. Oh no, look at what happened to Mr. Morning! Is he dead? She waits a moment before answering her own question. Yes, he is dead! Now why is that? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret, it's because he was hurting people, and because he was hurting people, he got hurt himself. And now look who's there to help him. No one!

She laughs again, never feeling anything like this before. Well, I'm Tina the Teller, and I will see you all next time! She jumps down from the second floor, and lands on Mark, using his body to slow her fall. She skips over to the cameras and ends the footage. She rewatches it and laughs to herself giddily, it's perfect.

She saved the video to her hard drive and hurried out of the building. Now, she needs to activate phase two, the evasion of law enforcement. But she's already planned ahead for that. Her story is only beginning.

Killer Perks:

Encore: The chapter must end with a bang, to keep them hyped for the next one!

  • Survivors who complete generators will become exposed for 20 | 25 | 30 seconds

"I can't wait to see you all next time!" - Tina The Teller

Ambitious: Focus and complete your work, the end is only a new beginning.

  • After putting the obsession into the dying state, Ambitious gains 1 token to a maximum of 3 | 4 | 5 tokens.
  • For each token, you gain a 2% haste effect while not in chase.
  • If a survivor who is not your obsession causes a window to be blocked by the Entity, they will become the obsession.

"Puppeteering is more than just a passion, it's a lifestyle." - Rachel Baker

Minute Details: Every work of art requires one's full attention.

  • Kicking a generator activates Minute Details for 60 seconds on that generator.
  • While active:
    • Skill checks appear 100% | 150% | 200% more often
    • Skill Checks are 25% smaller
    • Great Skill Checks no longer grant extra progression
  • Minute Details has a cooldown of 60 seconds once activated

"Take a look around you Detective, is this really working out for you?" - Tina The Teller

Killer Power: Puppet Hands

Special Ability: Entangle

Press and hold the Primary Ability Button to Entangle a visible Survivor with up to 7 strings(Takes 7 seconds, 1 second for each string. Survivors can hide behind walls or crouch in order to lose visibility with The Puppeteer and start breaking away from the strings). While held, you will slow down drastically. A string can be broken in 0.5 seconds. Once all 7 strings are connected to a Survivor, they become Entangled and slowed even more. Hitting an Entangled survivor will immediately release them.

Special Ability: Mimic

Pressing the secondary ability button when a Survivor is fully Entangled, you will obtain a Mimic. Once you have 1 Mimic, the total is 4, pressing the secondary ability button while not in chase will create the mimic. After creating a Mimic, you can choose to do the following with it.

  • Setting a False Boon will cause the Mimic to move from its current position to the totem of your choosing. Survivors within 24 meters of the False Boon will reveal their auras to you. Setting a False Boon will also snuff out a boon if a boon is already on the totem. A Mimic will expire after False Boon is set. Survivors can boon a Flase Boon, or cleanse the totem.
  • Interacting with a generator will cause the Mimic to go from its current position to a generator of your choosing. While a Mimic is interacting with the generator, the progress on the generator will lose 5% of the total progress every 10 seconds. The Mimic will act as a survivor failing a skill check.
  • Interacting with survivors will have the Mimic appear to be injured and run to a survivor of your choosing. Upon reaching its target, the Mimic will crouch within 5 meters of the targeted survivor. Upon healing the Mimic, the Survivor will be shown to you with Killer Instinct. After being healed, the targeted survivor will be injured if healthy, or put into Deep Wound if Injured.

Mimics will not be shown to the Killer and will expire after 60 seconds. If a survivor other than a targeted survivor interacts with the Mimic, it will be destroyed.

Special Ability: Spirit Roam

While a Mimic is inactive, you will be placed in Spirit Roam (8 m/s). While in Spirit Roam, you can move through any obstacle in the trial, but perks will not function while Spirit Roam is active. (Survivors will be able to partially see you like Wraith). After setting a Mimic to commit an action, you will be placed back in your position before enabling Spirit Roam.

Killer Add-ons


Sock Puppets: A pair of socks decorated to look like people. It's a wonderful reminder of humble beginnings.

  • Entangling Survivors becomes 10% faster

Small Puppet Stage: A stage set Rachel kept from her childhood, she had always loved putting on shows and it had seemed that this was as close as she would get.

  • False boons take 40% longer to cleanse/boon

Hamster Corpse: A small hamster Rachel dug up from a neighbor's yard. She would secretly put on shows with its body.

  • Survivors damaged by a mimic become Oblivious for 30 seconds

Video Camera: A camera whose contents consist of Rachel's shows when she was a toddler. Simply watching them again makes her cringe, but it was her start.

  • Survivors now instantly break free from Entanglement
  • Gain 100% blood points in the deviousness category


Doll Set: A Christmas gift from her parents, Rachel had gotten a doll set for her shows. She eventually was able to add strings to turn them into makeshift marionettes.

  • Destroying a Mimic will cause survivors to be exhausted for 10 seconds

Make-up: A set of make-up with a variety of colors, Rachel only used them when putting on shows.

  • Mimics that work on generators have their aura revealed to you until expiring or being destroyed

The Broken Clock: A story written about a girl trapped inside a strange new world that seemed to be magically controlled by a clock.

  • Survivors who become injured while Entangled become afflicted with the Mangled status effect until fully healed

Speech Exam: The final exam of her high school speech class, passing with extra credit. It always seemed like second nature to her.

  • Targeted Survivors obtain the Blindness status effect for 30 seconds after a Mimic is destroyed by any means

Rejection Folder: A folder obtaining the many rejection letters she got from editors reviewing her books.

  • Survivors within the False Boon will obtain the Blindness Status effect and for 10 seconds after leaving


Anatomy Notes: Notes written from Rachel's anatomy class, with a large emphasis on the nervous system and pressure points.

  • Survivors who become fully Entangled become afflicted with a 4% Hindered status effect for 25 seconds

Abattoir: A unpublished book depicting a soldier going through a fictional war and ending up as the sole survivor of a major battle.

  • Creating a Mimic of a Survivor will give them the Blindness status effect and blocks their aura from other survivors until the Mimic is destroyed.
  • These effects will not activate while the afflicted Survivor is in the dying state or placed onto a hook.

Dusty Stage: The stage Rachel used when she was much younger, left to collect dust in a tote. Though, she's managed to use it as a prop in her shows.

  • Survivors within the False Boon's range become afflicted with the Oblivious status effect and for 25 seconds after leaving

Tina Sketch: A sketch of Tina The Teller, a character Rachel had made as a marionette design, but she eventually found it to be more than just a puppet.

  • Increases the speed of Spirit Roam by 1 m/s

Shredded Wood: The shredded wood of Rachel's old marionettes, a sad display of a forgotten passion.

  • Creating a Mimic of a Survivor will make all other Survivors oblivious for 30 seconds

Very Rare

Metal Wires: A set of metal wires used to puppet people in her shows, the wires are strong and incredibly useful for keeping victims in place.

  • Strings take 0.1 extra seconds to break.

"What sick animal would do this?" - Detective Richards

Journaled Scripts: A set of scripts in Rachel's journal. She always kept it hidden from her roommate in college while she put on shows such as Tina The Teller.

  • Entangles Survivors who escape without being injured will repeatedly reveal their aura for 5 seconds every 25 seconds.

"Sometimes, the best secret is being kept from someone who doesn't even know there's a secret." - Rachel Baker

Story Teller: The novel of a crazed host of a children's show using people as puppets to tell twisted stories. The events follow a detective who always seemed to be one step behind this murderer, one of Rachel's masterpieces

  • When injured Survivors become Entangled, all other Survivors become afflicted with the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds
  • Has a cooldown of 120 seconds

"It's... unique, I'll give you that. But, uh, we're looking for less descriptive violence. This is just too much." - Editor Michael Barnes

College Book: A college book named "Advanced Neural Networks" written by Jacoba de Jong

  • When the Obsession becomes fully Entangled, all other Survivors outside of your terror radius will scream, revealing their positions for 3 seconds

"The key to testing a person's reflex is knowing just where to hit or pull." - Doctor Jacoba de Jong


Glass Marionette: A marionette made out of glass. It's warm to the touch and is a reminder of one's aspirations. It fills the user with vigor and awe.

  • Inactive Mimics will now walk throughout the trial and throw down upright pallets once every 30 seconds until given a command by The Puppeteer
  • When a chase is active, an inactive Mimic will run to the chase location and slow vault pallets and windows
    • When a survivor loses a health state, the Mimic will be destroyed

"First things first, I need something to keep them... what's the word... active." - Rachel Baker

Hard Drive: A hard drive holding the recordings of Tina's first performance for the public. It takes clear inspiration from a criminal but has a much better story to it.

  • Survivors within 16 meters of a Mimis, when it's destroyed, will scream, revealing their location for 5 seconds
  • Survivors within a False Boon's radius will gain a 3% Hindered effect and for 2 seconds after leaving
  • Survivors receive a difficult Skill Check after working on a generator that a Mimic was interacting with. Failing this Skill Check will cause a 3% extra regression
  • Targeted Survivors are afflicted with the Broken Status effect for 45 seconds after interacting with a Mimic

"Oh no, look at what happened to Mr. Morning! Is he dead?" - Tina The Teller

Killer Outfits

Outfit: Tina The Teller - A favored storyteller by her creator, to spread terror in the innocent and frustration in the police

  • Weapon: Galant Whip - A whip made out of several strings wrapped into a rope, it's lightweight and deadly.
  • Body: Jester - A deep colorful body of swirling black, blue, and purple that seems gentle at first glance.
  • Head: The Smile - A wicked smile and dark face that causes nightmares for what it's done.

Outfit: Twisted Story - A gruesome show of a depraved mind to a vegetive parasite

  • Weapon: Doused Veins - The veins of the wielder have emerged from their arms like strings, dripping with the Blight Serum
  • Body: Infested Design - The body drips with pores taking over the legs, with bugs inhabiting the opened torso.
  • Head: Deranged Host - The head has a large open wound, with a large plant in place of the brain. Strangely enough, it seems that the host is smiling.

Killer Animations

Walking: Floats just above ground level, alike to Nurse, but much shorter and much more elegant

Basic Attack: The whip will fly back and then launch forward, with the Puppeteer's hand will merely rotate.

Hit Cooldown: The whip will return to the Puppeteer and she will swirl it around two fingers of her left hand and then return to her normal state

Carrying: Survivors will be carried as normal but with two hands. When attacking, she will flick her right hand and attack with the whip for a short distance


  • With a Survivor inside, the survivor will throw a punch, which the Puppeteer catches with the whip, and pulls them onto her shoulder.
  • Without a survivor, Puppeteer will have the basic animation.


  • Stuns - The Puppeteer will turn to the side with a short scream.
  • Pallets - She will encircle the pallet with her whip, and flick it, breaking the pallet in the process
  • Breakable Walls - Seven small strings will emerge from the end of the whip, and hit seven different points on the wall, a few quick flicks, and the wall breaks.
  • Generator - Several strings will emerge from the end of the whip and will strike the generator one by one, then draw back.
  • Hatch - A simple strike with the whip

Vaults: The Puppeteer will move back, just a small distance, then fly up into the air, then angle her legs to gracefully fall onto the other side.

Mori: The Puppeteer will slowly ascend to a higher position as the Survivor gets up from the ground. Several strings will then pierce the Survivor's limbs as they scream, with the last one striking the neck. The camera pans to catch the Survivor being strung up by the Puppeteer, only for it to change to the Puppeteer looking down on the Survivor, and pulling on the strings, ending the Survivor where they stand.

New Survivor: Michael Richards

Michael graduated college to bring justice to criminals, but with time and experience, he became a detective to protect the innocent. In his forties, Michael lives a quiet lifestyle and is a renowned detective, protecting his city the best he could. Then, something awful began to happen, people were using the internet to indoctrinate civilians into their cults, kidnapping them, and much worse.

He knew this was going to be difficult, and with a few years to pass, he thought it was coming to an end. Just one last case, The Puppeteer, as what the public knew her as. Michael looked through her first stream, noting the details, the methods used, and the location. Perhaps he could predict the next place she would set up "her stage". Take her down in the act.

Michael pinpointed an orphanage that had little to no care, one that was falling apart, but was still owned by some poor folk that couldn't keep up with the bills. He led a team of officers inside to investigate only to see her putting on one of her shows. Easy case, simple wrap-up, now he just has to catch her.

The Puppeteer is a woman, he can't tell how tall, what facial features, or anything else. She stands on the floor above her puppet, a poor woman with strings coming out from her back and wrists. Looking at her fingers, this shouldn't be possible, the movements, it was weird and disgusting. He sent a team of officers to go to the second floor as he confronted her.

Let go of the hostage, then put your hands on your head. But she doesn't seem to notice and goes on with her show. He points a gun at her and she laughs. Oh detective, you really aren't thinking this through, are you? As soon as you shoot me, a simple raise of my fingers could kill this lovely lady. Michael looks at the woman and sees tears running down her face.

The sight is revolting, he wants to shoot the Puppeteer right in the eyes, but she's right. Or, she isn't. Either way, he can't take the chance.

I have officers on their way to you now, there's nowhere to run. She simply laughs again, and this sends a chill down his spine. A scream from across the building echoes over to him. Take a look around you Detective, is this really working out for you? He takes out a radio from his waist and calls for the officers he sent, but nothing.

What did you do? The Puppeteer laughs again, louder, and rips the strings from the woman's body. Michael screams out and shoots at her, but she's already hidden away on the floor above. He crouches down next to the dying woman and numbers for an ambulance. What the hell is he up against?

Survivor Perks:

Public Preacher: Keep no truth from them

  • When within 16 meters of the Killer, this perk activates.
  • All other Survivors see the Killer's aura while you're within 16 meters and 2 | 3 | 4 seconds after.
  • Has a cooldown of 160 | 140 | 120 seconds

"Captain, I took this job to keep people safe, not so I could be some hero." - Detective Richards

Not On My Watch: Crooks will be crooks, but you'll make life a lot harder for them

  • After repairing a total of 50% generator progress, this perk activates. While working on a generator, press the Active Ability Button to install a trap for 40 | 50 | 60 seconds.
  • When a trap is installed, the generator's aura is revealed to all Survivors with a yellow aura. If the Killer interacts with the generator, they will be afflicted with the Blindness effect for 60 seconds.

"Sure, you have rights, but then again, so does everyone else." - Detective Richards

Full Picture: Find what it is, see what you're missing

  • After Cleansing or Booning a totem, see the aura of the Killer for 4 seconds.
  • Healing speed is increased by 10% for interacting with a dull totem, or 16% | 18% | 20% for interacting with a Hex totem.

"There has to be something I'm missing." - Detective Richards

Survivor Outfits:

Legs: Khaki Pants - A pair of khaki pants stained with coffee over the years.

Torso: Dark Coat - A dark coat that's very stereotypical, a favorite within the office

Head: Detective Richards - The head detective of the entire city in one face. One of the best.


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    The Puppeteer's Tome challenges could consist of the following: Fully Entangle 2 | 3 | 4 Survivors, complete this challenge within a single trial. Create Mimics of 2 | 3 | 4 unique Survivors, complete this Challenge within a single Trial. Create 4 False Boons using a Mimic. Target 6 Survivors, generators, or totems while Spirit Roam is active.

    The Daily Challenge for Puppeteer will be the following: Use Entangle on 4 unique Survivors.

    The Tome for the Puppeteer would include one of her other characters, Wendy Weathers, and how Rachel is creating her story with human puppets on timed strings. When the text ends, The Puppeteer is caught, with the cinematic showing police officers stepping on traps while she simply watches.

    The Tome lore for Michael Richards would be him stopping other online terrorists and how he's mentally coping. The cinematic at the end would begin to show the beginning of Tina's Show.

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