Chapter Idea: Scream in The Night

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New Killer: The Vampire

Isaac, the son of Jon, walks out into the field alone. His father hadn't returned from harvesting, it was strange, he never stayed out late. The night is cold and harsh, with the rain pouring down heavily. If his father stayed out much longer, he would be ill. And if his father fell ill, Isaac tried not to think of it. The Lord of their home wasn't kind, he had taken Isaac's sister when she was young, it angered him, but what could he have done?

Isaac holds out his lantern ahead of him, though, with little luck in finding his father. The dirt below him had slowly turned into mud as time passed. He called out his father's name, but the sound of falling rain drowned him out. Upon reaching the edge of the field, Isaac heard a cry of pain, it was faint, but he knew where it had come from.

He ran in the mud towards the cry, pushing through the wheat and eventually reaching a fence. Isaac witnessed his father dying, the light in his eyes slowly fading as his skin shrank, showing his bone and wrapping around his organs. Isaac froze in fear, too panicked to know what to do. And as he died, a man Isaac hadn't noticed threw his father to the ground.

The man stood up, his lips cut off with teeth sharper than any beast he'd heard of. The man's eyes glow red like the blood spilling down his chin. He was nearly naked, with only a sheet covering his twisted body. The claws however shone with silver and grey. The creature roared and attacked Isaac, jumping on him and clenching its jaws down on his shoulder.

He cried in agony, as he tried to fight off the creature, but it rose up from Isaac and looked around as if something was calling it. Then it ran off into the night. Without a second thought, Isaac ran back into the fields, desperate to get home to tell his mother what had happened. But upon returning home, Isaac's vision darkened, and suddenly he woke in his bed.

His stomach churned, and his eyes showed him a different world. The walls were grey and devoid of life, and getting out of bed he felt strong despite his hunger. He looked outside and felt invigorated, the life within the night grew inside him as if he belonged out there.

He ignored his instincts and left the room. Now in the center of his home, he looked through the door. He saw his mother's body lying on the ground, displayed in front of a small group of knights. A man stood next to her, with a note in his hands which he promptly rolled up. The man then looked into the home and flinched upon seeing Isaac.

But Isaac didn't see, his eyes were fixated on his mother, an anger filled him, one he felt was familiar yet strange. His eyes darted to the knights who were approaching him, but he didn't see their armor and weapons, instead, he saw their bodies, blood, and hearts, and he lost it. Isaac became a monster, ripping apart the knights in moments and attacking the man with the letter.

With no witnesses, Isaac tore the note from the man's hand, reading it. It spoke of his family as if they were rats, pathetic animals nobody wanted to deal with. Isaac screamed and bit into the man, the blood flowing into his own. When he was done, Isaac pulled his head up, seeing the world in color once again.

A series of growls behind him caught his attention. Isaac swiftly turns around, rejuvenated for another fight. In the light of the moon, he sees two creatures like the one that killed his father, like the one that attacked him. But between them is a man wearing suitable clothes, standing as if he's respecting Isaac.

The man speaks to him, telling him everything. Isaac stands tall, yet confused. The man bears a smile, with two fangs in his mouth, and invites Isaac to join him, and many others in his conquest.

Killer Perks:

Blood Hunt: It is their misery that fuels you

  • For each Survivor injured, gain a 1% haste effect and gain a 3% increase to breaking generators, breaking pallets, breaking breakable walls, vaulting, picking up Survivors, checking lockers, hooking Survivors, and snuffing boons.

"Their weakness must be your strength." - Calliope

Lamb To The Slaughter: They are pathetic prey fighting for life

  • When a Survivor becomes injured by any means, Lamb To The Slaughter activates for 30 seconds.
    • Gain a 2% stackable haste.
    • While Lamb To The Slaughter is active, injuring another Survivor will reset the timer and stack the haste. (1 Injure, 2% haste | 2 injures, 4% haste, and so on)
  • Once the timer expires, this perk deactivates.

"It's a shame how we're the ones that must cower in shadows." - Ancestral Horace

Hex: Plaguing Fear: It is a disease one cannot cure, it is a monster that does not rest

  • At the beginning of the trial, a random dull totem ignites into a hex totem. This hex will stay active so long as the related hex totem stands.
    • Hitting a unique survivor with a basic attack grants 1 token up to a maximum of 2 | 3 | 4 tokens
    • For each token, the positive status effect durations Survivors have is reduced by 12.5%

"But when night falls, they will cower in their homes, in fear of us all." - Isaac Son of Jon

Killer Power: Blood Hoarder

Special Attack: Grab

Prepare Grab by holding down the Primary Power Button to charge a Grab, then press the Attack button to Grab a Survivor (Normal Killer Lunge Range is the distance a survivor can be grabbed). A successful grab will hold a Survivor in place as Face of Death grows in power.

While a Survivor is Grabbed, they will receive continuous skill checks and upon hitting 10 skill checks, the Survivor stuns The Vampire and gains a short burst of speed. Upon breaking free of a Grab, a Survivor will lose a health state.(Healthy -> Injured | Injured -> Deep Wound | Deep wound timer will not decrease when Grabbed) A Survivor other than the grabbed Survivor can interrupt a grab and stun you early.

Blood Hoarder gains 2 points every second.

Blood Hoarder: Tier I

You cannot Grab Survivors in this tier, instead, you passively gain blood and will return to Tier II in the span of 45 seconds. Your speed is reduced to 4.2 m/s, but the auras of Survivors are revealed to you when within your terror radius. When a Survivor loses a health state to you by a basic attack, you are returned to Tier II instantly.

Blood Hoarder: Tier II

Some Special Attacks and Abilities are made available to you, and you start the trial in this state. Tier II can reach a maximum of 60 points until reaching Tier III.

Blood Hoarder: Tier III

All Special Attacks and Abilities become available within Tier III. Tier III can reach a maximum of 200 points. Your Terror Radius is decreased by 16 meters and Injured Survivors make more noise.

Special Ability: Shadow Walk

This ability becomes available in Tier II

Press and hold the Ability Button to activate Shadow Walk, while Shadow Walk is active, you gain a 25% haste effect and make no noise. Your body is visually distorted and darker to Survivors. You cannot attack while Shadow Walk is active. For every second Shadow Walk is active, 5 points are drained from Blood Hoarder

Special Attack: Flying Strike

This ability becomes available in Tier II

Press the Secondary Power Button to trigger Flying Strike for 10 seconds. When Flying Strike is triggered, the basic attack is extended by 20% and allows you to vault over windows and pallets. This attack drains 40 points from Blood Hoarder.

Special Ability: Transmogrify

While holding the Primary Power Button, press the Ability Button to activate Transmogrify. While Transmogrified, you become a bat-like creature that moves at an accelerated pace (6 m/s), and pools of blood become brighter to you. Transmogrify activates until deactivated by pressing the Active Ability Button, for each second, 15 points are drained from Blood Hoarder.

Killer Add-ons:


Jar of Salt: A jar of salt a victim tried using to defend herself. A foolish errand to misuse salt as a ward, especially on a Vampire.

  • Survivors hit by a Special Attack are given the Blindness effect for 30 seconds

Stone Brick: A brick that had fallen in the Vampire's Keep. A sign of decay and restlessness. An icon of hope is needed to destroy those feelings.

  • Decreases point drain by 10%

Infected Wheat: Wheat infested by a series of mushrooms and diseases after harvest season ended.

  • Survivors injured by a Grab obtain the Deafened Status effect for 15 seconds

Pile of Mud: A pile of mud from the day Jon, Father of Isaac, was killed by a Vampire. The memory doesn't sit well with Isaac.

  • Leaving Tier I causes Survivors further than 32 meters from your position to become Oblivious for 25 seconds.


Red Candle: One of thousands hung around the Vamprie's Crypt, but each one represented a Vampire, living or gone. This one was carved for Isaac's legacy.

  • Survivors hit by Flying Strike become afflicted with the Mangled Status effect until fully healed

Embers: A book depicting ways to identify and kill Vampires, written by a Vampire Hunter. The man was slain before the book was published, these are the only remains.

  • Decreases the charge time for Grab by 30%

Debris: The debris left of the Lord's estate, the destroyed castle that once oppressed its own people. The act brought peace to Isaac.

  • New Special Attack: Infused Blood - Press the Secondary Power button to activate Infused Blood for 20 seconds. Your basic attacks within this time frame will give Healthy Survivors deep wound. It takes 2 extra seconds to mend from deep wound. This Ability costs 20 points to execute.
  • This Ability becomes available in Tier II
  • This Attack Overrides Flying Strike

Unknown Letter: A letter left behind by an unknown sender. It reads out the location of the Vampires' Keep. It was Isaac's job to hunt down this individual before things got out of hand.

  • New Special Ability: Tracking Scent - Press and hold the Ability Button to see the aura of the nearest Survivor within 32 meters of your location. This Ability costs 30 points for each second used.
  • This Ability is only available in Tier III

Clan Mark: The mark of the Lord's Clan that ruled over Isaac and his family. This mark has been burned and scratched since the land has been left to the Vampires.

  • Decreases the time it takes to leave Tier I by 10 seconds


Lord's Jaw: The Lord who stole Isaac's sister from him in their youth. The jaw has many golden teeth in place of the ones that had fallen out or decayed too much.

  • Increased points gained from Grab by 10%

Charred Cross: A cross that had been burnt near to complete decimation, but barely holds to its original form. It's held as a reminder of the innocence can be taken so swiftly.

  • New Special Attack: Blood Spew - Press and hold the Secondary Power Button to charge Blood Spew, letting go of the Secondary Power Button will let out a small burst of blood into the air. If a survivor is hit by the attack, they will lose a health state. This Attack costs 100 points to execute.
  • This Ability is only available in Tier III
  • This add-on will override any lower-tier Special Attack add-on

Doctor's Mask: A mask gifted to Isaac by a doctor of the time. Although this doctor wasn't ordinary, he spoke of something beautiful, yet dangerous. The interaction left him confused after completing the mission.

  • New Special Ability: Screech - Press and hold the Ability Button to charge Screech. Releasing the Ability Button will cause you to slow down for 3 seconds and make a loud noise. Survivors within 20 meters of you when using Screech will scream, and reveal their auras for 10 seconds. This Ability costs 40 points to execute.
  • This Ability is only available in Tier III
  • This add-on will override any lower-tier Special Ability add-on

Bloodied Dagger: A dagger Isaac found when he was once desperately searching for blood. The blood left behind on this gave him a different perspective on how to achieve it.

  • You can no longer obtain points from a Grab
  • You begin the Trial in Tier I
  • Upon Reaching Tier II, passively gain points while Survivors are injured.
    • 1 Injured Survivor: 0.25 points per second
    • 2 Injured Survivors: 0.5 points per second
    • 3 Injured Survivors: 1 point per second
    • 4 Injured Survivors: 2 points per second
  • 100% blood point bonus in the Deviousness category

Torn Flesh: The flesh torn from a Vampire victim that surprisingly didn't turn. It was assumed that the victim's blood still connected to the body was unaffected by the bite.

  • Survivors Injured by a Grab are afflicted with the Hemorrhage and Mangled Status effects until fully healed

Very Rare

Speaker's Note: The note of the speaker who destroyed Isaac's home. The letter states that the production of the family was worthless, and needed to be destroyed.

  • Increases points gained from Grab by 20%

"You peasants are worms, and you best pray that I don't step." - Lord Aaron

Anarchy: A painting by Calliope that demonstrates the power of the Vampires, it's a message of hope to them and a condemnation of the weak.

  • New Special Attack: Blood Dash - Press and hold the Secondary Power Button to charge Blood Dash. Press the Attack Button to execute Blood Dash and quickly move 10 meters in 1 second in a single direction. Has a five-second stun afterward. This attack costs 80 points to execute
  • This Ability is only available in Tier III
  • This add-on will override any lower-tier Special Attack add-on

"There is beauty in destruction, isn't there?" - Calliope

Horace's Goblet: The goblet of an Ancestral, that had brought strength to his people and fear to those who opposed them.

  • Increases the Maximum points for each Tier by 40 points

"Sometimes, it is wise to hold back, it will be when they think you are weak that you're at your most dangerous." - Ancestral Horace

Holy Book: A holy book held by a group of cultists worshipped upon showing up to the Keep. They claimed their god desired something powerful.

  • New Special Ability: Teleport - Press and hold the Ability Button to lock onto a location within 24 meters of your location and release to teleport. This ability costs 50 points to execute
  • This Ability is only available in Tier III
  • This add-on will override any lower-tier Special Ability Add-on

"It our Noble Duty to bestow its gift unto you. The power it will give will relieve your curses, but only one of you." - The Plague Doctor


Servant Fang: The fang of a fallen Vampire Servant. These creatures were made from impure blood and had a telepathic connection to Vampire Lords.

  • Survivors injured by the Grab Attack will become Broken for 25 seconds. Upon recovering from the Broken state, the affected Survivor will fully heal.
    • Upon being healed, Survivors within a 24-meter radius of the afflicted Survivor will be revealed to you.
    • This effect lasts 90 seconds
      • After the timer ends, the afflicted Survivor will become injured again.
  • Has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
  • Only one Survivor can be affected at a time.

"They may not be like us, but they have their uses." - Ancestral Horace

Glowing Blood: A gift from the Entity, a pool of blood glimmering like glass. The taste is sweet, yet bitter, invigorating the consumer for their next hunt.

  • Increases the Maximum points for each Tier by 50 points
  • You start the Trial at Tier III
  • While at Maximum points in Tier III, you become undetectable.

"This is a curse to mankind, but to us, it is a gift like no other." - Isaac Son of Jon

Killer Outfits:

Weapon: Metal Stake - A weapon commonly used against him, Isaac enjoys the symbolism

Body: Lord's Attire - The clothes taken from a Lord's wardrobe. It makes the wearer feel elegant

Head: Vampire Lord - The face of Isaac Son of Jon, amongst the newer Vampire Lords, but easily the most recognizable

Blighted Outfit:

Weapon: Blighted Stake - A stake dripping with a strange form of the Blight Serum, a red oozy blood

Body: Enhanced Blood - The introduction of the Blight Serum to a Vampire seems to have only made it stronger

Head: Blight Lord - The face of a Vampire, the overgrowing features leading to more lethality and control over itself

New Survivor: Antonio Kirkwood

Antonio follows his brother into the falling shack. The walls of wood barely hold the building together as they walk inside. Back to back, Antonio protects Harvard as they continue to explore. Antonio rubs his fingers against the metal stake in his hand, reminding himself why they were there.

I got nothing, you sense anything? Somehow, Antonio was the one with the gift, but Harvard somehow couldn't forget it. Antonio relaxes himself, allowing him to be vulnerable. He waits a moment, then tenses up again. Well, feel anything? Antonio felt it, it was strong and close. Very close.

It's here, keep your guard up, don't let it sneak up on you. Harvard gave a nod to his brother and they continued through the house. The first floor was clear, but the brothers shared a fear of going up the stairs. Though hesitant, they slowly made their way up, seeing the setting moon in the sky. Antonio knew they didn't have much time to find it, if the sun rose before they got any answers, they'd be no closer to finding their Keep as they were months ago.

The floor is cleared, and they gratefully return to the lower floor. Harvard allows himself to relax, but Antonio doesn't like it. I felt it, I know it's here. He starts pulling the wood from the floorboards as he tries to find it, but his brother stalls him, pointing to his ear. Then he heard it, the creaking of the house, it was bound to fall any minute now.

Maybe we just stand by, if it comes out to us, maybe we can still get some answers. Harvard was right, and Antonio knew it. He gave a sigh, and then the two left the house but split up to keep it from leaving without them noticing. As the sun rose from the horizon, the creature burst out the front toward Antonio.

The brother shouted to let Harvard know and held out the stake in front of him. The Vampire pounced, leaping high into the air to attack, but it began to scream as its body touched the rays of the sun. The creature was flung by the blow, into the forest.

The brothers convened on the Vampire's position, standing in the way of the sun to keep it from burning to dust. The creature screamed, but it didn't attack. The smoke of its burning skin never seemed to go away, despite the time that had passed.

When the Vampire stopped squirming, something happened. The vile creature stood up, as if in a trance, and walked into the brothers. They stepped aside, as a means to intimidate it, but instead, it opened its arms and embraced the sun, and fell into a pile of dust.

The brothers were left speechless, but something caught Antonio's eye. A figure in the forest seemed to be watching them. He wasted no time in pursuing the man, and the man did not hesitate to run. It was some time before Antonio began to question where his brother was, or where the man had gone. Then he began to notice something was wrong, as billows of smoke filled his lungs.

Survivor Perks:

Sense for Evil: A gift a rare few possess, use it wisely.

  • While within the Killer's Terror Radius for 60 seconds, this perk activates.
  • While this perk is active, press the Active Ability Button 1 to reveal the Killer's aura for 3 | 4 | 5 seconds.

"I got nothing, you sense anything?" - Harvard Kirkwood

Born Fighter: Fight your enemies, and give them what they deserve.

  • Stunning the Killer by any means gives them the deafened effect for 20 | 25 | 30 seconds

"Let death have you when it earns you." - Antonio Kirkwood

Teamwork: Back To Back: Your friends are your closest and most important necessities, do not lose them.

  • After healing or being healed by another Survivor, this perk activates and both you and the other Survivor benefit from the following effects.
    • The aura of the Killer is revealed to one of you for 5 seconds once every 30 seconds.
    • This effect will be removed when going further than 12 meters of one another or either of you losing a health state.
  • Teamwork: Back To Back has a cooldown of 180 | 160 | 140 seconds

"Hey, don't worry, we have each other's backs, right?" - Harvard Kirkwood

Survivor Outfits:

Legs: Common Leggings - The common pants worn by peasants of the medieval age

Torso: Green Tunic - A green tunic obtained from a local whom he saved from an attack. There were more clothes gifted, but this was among his favorite

Head: Kirkwood - A descendant from a family of Vampire Hunters, with the spirit to see evil vanquished.


  • RareFantom47
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    The Tome challenges for The Vampire would consist of the following: Generate a total of 200 | 250 | 300 points from Grab. Hit 4 Survivors with Special Attacks in Bloodhoarder Tier III, complete this challenge within a single trial. Use 6 Special Abilities while in Bloodhoarder Tier III, complete this challenge within a single trial. Drain 500 points from Bloodhoarder.

    The Daily Challenge would be: Injure 3 Survivors with Grab

    The Tome Lore would be Isaac hunting down a Plague Doctor, upon meeting up with this individual, the man recognizes Isaac and begins to preach about the Entity, but using vague terms. The cinematic would be inside the Vampire Keep when a group of Plague Doctors suddenly arrive.

    The Tome lore for Antonio would be his first encounter with a Vampire. His father goes off hunting, leaving Antonio and Harvard alone with their mother. A Vampire Servant would attack the house and the family would have to hide since the brothers are still kids at this point. The Vampire would eventually find them and kill the mother, ending the text sequence. The cinematic would be the Vampire finishing the kill on the boys' mother, then going to pounce on them. Only for the father to strike it in the chest with a harpoon, and finish the kill with a stake to the heart.