Killer Concept: The Beast

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Speed- 4.6m/s

TR- 32m

Height- Average

Difficulty- Moderate

Weapon: Beastly Claws

What it was is uncertain but it's claws were gruesome.

Power: Territorial Monster

Press the secondary power butting to Mark an area, this area is now The Beast's Territory.

A Territory starts spanning 40 meters and shrinks to 0 meters and disappears over 120 seconds. If a survivor walks into a Territory their location will be revealed with Killer Instinct, for each survivor inside a Territory The Beast gains a speed boost of 0.1m/s. If a survivor remains inside a Territory for 5 seconds they become inflicted with Blindness for the remainder of the time they're inside the Territory, this effect remains for 15 seconds after leaving the Territory. If a survivor is within The Beast's terror radius once they have finished Marking they will immediately become afflicted with Blindness for 20 seconds.

The Beast can only make 3 Territories at a time.


Pressing the power button will put The Beast into a Prowl.

While in a Prowl, The Beast's terror radius is reduced to 16 meters and if inside a Territory The beast becomes Undetectable.

While in a Prowl the following abilities become active.

Tracked By Smell:

Once a survivor escapes a chase they will leave a trail as they run, this trail will not appear if they're walking. This trail lasts for 5 seconds.

Tracked By Hearing:

If a survivor is within 5 meters of The Beast while inside a Territory their aura will be revealed for 3 seconds.

Tracked By Sight:

At the start of a chase the survivor being chased leaves a trail as they run, this trail will not appear if they're walking. This trail lasts for 5 seconds.

Tracked By Taste:

After injuring a survivor that survivors aura can will be revealed for 3 seconds.

Tracked By Touch:

After being stunned by a pallet, the survivor that stunned The Beast will be revealed by Killer Instinct for 4 seconds.

Reminder that all Tracking abilities will only activate during a Prowl.


The Truth:

After being blinded by any means your aura is revealed to the survivor that blinded you for 3 seconds, after the 3 seconds that survivor will be afflicted with Blindness for 50/60/70 seconds.


If a survivor attempts to read the killer's aura a random survivors aura will be revealed to them instead and the killer will see both survivors aura for 4/5/6 seconds.

Hex: Terror Of Habit:

If a survivor is put into the dying state while this Hex is active all other injured survivors have their aura revealed for 5/10/15 seconds.

If a Hex other than Hex: Terror Of Habit is broken the totem will be blocked for 60 seconds or until a generator is completed.

Red Addons

Torn Flag:

While in prowl The Beast's terror radius is hidden even when outside a Territory.

Iridescent Arrow:

Shrinks Territories to 32 meters.

Territories no longer disappear and will instead become replaceable after all available Territories are Marked.


This killer is based off The Beast of Gévaudan, which is claimed to be many things but a canine is the most preferred version so this killer is wolf-like thus is always on all fours.