Killer Concept: The Ventriloquist

C0N3ko Applicant Posts: 25


Speed- 4.6m/s

TR- 28m

Height- Tall

Difficulty- Hard

Weapon: Hand Strings

Holding The Puppet is not all the strings can do.

Power: Soul Extension

Holding the power button will release The Puppet.

The Puppet's stats are Speed 4.8m/s, TR 32m and Height Average

After The Puppet is released, pov switches to The Puppet and The Ventriloquist will lose their terror radius. To release control of The Puppet press the secondary power button. Walking into a window vault or dropped pallet will cause The Puppet to walk over it, while walking over obstacles The Puppet's speed is reduced by 0.4m/s.

The Puppet cannot break generators, dropped pallets or breakable walls.


While controlling The Puppet press the power button to charge a Slam, the charge can be let go at any time and the Slam will still happen, the more the Slam is charged different effects occur.

Under 25% charge- Injures survivors

25-49% charge- injures survivors and causes a Shockwave spanning 10 meters that causes survivors inside of it to scream.

50-74% charge- injures survivors, causes a Shockwave spanning 10 meters that causes survivors inside of it to scream and breaks pallets, generators and breakable walls caught in the Slam.

100% charge- injures survivors, causes a Shockwave spanning 15 meters that causes survivors inside of it to scream and breaks pallets, generators and breakable walls caught in the Slam or Shockwave.

Slam has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

See No Evil:

Eyes spawn on the floors and walls next to generators. Their aura is permanently shown to The Ventriloquist.

While using The Ventriloquist pressing the secondary power button lets her control whether the Eyes are closed or open, when the Eyes are open survivors seen by them have their aura revealed and are inflicted with Blindness and Oblivious, survivors can interact with the Eyes and force them shut for 40 seconds. When the Eyes are closed survivors cannot see them. If The Puppet is released while any eyes are open, they will be forced to close and will reopen when The Puppet is disabled.


Speak No Evil:

If a survivor screams by any means other than injuring them, their aura will be shown for 10/11/12 seconds.

this perk has a cooldown of 20 seconds

Harsh Charge:

After putting a survivor into the dying state with a basic attack every survivor in your terror radius become afflicted with Blindness.

Hex: Defiled:

When a survivor is injured they're put on a timer. After being injured, the totem furthest from them will be lit with the effects of Hex: Defiled towards that survivor in the totem, if a different survivor goes near the totem it'll be blocked by the entity.

After 15 seconds of being injured the survivor become afflicted with Broken and Blindness, they will also be notified that they are being affected by Hex: Defiled. That survivor will be able to see the aura of their Hex: Defiled totem within a 8 meter range.

After 45 seconds they become afflicted with Oblivious and will scream every 20 seconds when not in chase.

After 60/75/90 seconds the killer can kill them with their own hands.

After 15 seconds the timer will be paused while in chase.

Red Addons

Steel Wires:

Slam immediately starts its charge at 75%

Slows Slam charge speed by 65%

Iridescent Flower:

While the Eyes are closed survivors still have their aura shown but only for 5 seconds every 15 seconds.

Survivors can now see the Eyes even when they're closed.


A tall women wearing a long, thin dressed though it is all torn up, her hair is brown but varies from long to short in certain parts the longest going down to the top of her waist and the shortest being just down to the nape, most notable parts being that her eyes and mouth are sewn shut with blood dripping from her eyes, a faint crying sound can be heard.