New Killer Concept: The Incubator

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The Incubator:


Speed - 4.6m/s

TR - 32m

Height - Average

Difficulty - Very Hard

Weapon - Boned Fingers

Has attached the bones of many people on his body, uses sharp bone fragments connected to his hands to attack


The Incubator carries a mechanical arm that is able to shoot vials. You can carry a max of 6 vials, but can be restocked at Incubators around the map.

Special Attack: 

The Incubator shoots a vial at a survivor, adding a stack of Clone Juice to the survivor. Once the

Survivor is at 5 stacks, they are injured and drop Flesh. The Incubator can pick up the Flesh and insert it into one of the

Incubators placed around the map. Inserting an Clone Vial into an Incubator will slowly start to make a clone of that 

survivor. Once done, a Clone of the survivor pops out of the Incubator.

The Incubator cannot gain Flesh from the same survivor until they are healed back to full health. Putting the same Survivor's flesh into the same Incubator, will buff the current Clone the Incubator is linked to. If the same Clone is upgraded 3 times without getting killed, the clone can instantly down any survivor. (Max 3 clone upgrades)

Obsidian blades are found nearby Incubators and are used to destroy Clones, availability is limited.


Special Enemy: Clones

Once out of the Incubator, the Clone will head towards the nearest incomplete Generator and pretend to be a survivor. 

If the Clone spots a survivor, it will uncover its true appearance and start chasing the survivor. If a survivor is hit, the survivor takes damage and the Clone will start running back to it's Incubator to recharge. Any survivor hit by a Clone is detected with Killer's Instinct for 4 seconds.

Clones can be destroyed using an Obsidian Blade, or a Survivor can go to the Incubator the Clone originated from and disable it there. However, disabled clones can be reactivated by the killer by interacting with the Clone.

The Incubator can destroy a clone with a Basic Attack.

Hidden Clone Stats:

Speed - 4m/s

Exposed Clone Stats:

Speed - 4.1/4.2/4.3m/s



New Life:

If a survivor is healed back to full in your Terror Radius, New Life Activates

Gain Haste 3.5/4/4.5% for 4 seconds

Failed Tests:

You start the trial with 8/9/10 tokens. Damaging a generator implants a device into its machinery, when a survivor starts repairing the generator,

they scream and become disoriented.

Once used on a generator, it goes on cooldown and cannot be trapped again for 60/50/40 seconds. You see its aura as Yellow on cooldown.

Scourge Hook: Experimental Spikes:

At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into scourge hooks. You see their auras in white.

When a survivor is unhooked from from a scourge hook, the survivor who unhooked the survivor suffers from Hindered and Exhausted for 2/3/4 seconds.


Grey Addons:

Bigger Belt:

Increase the max amount of vials to 8

Radar Scanner:

Survivor's Aura is shown if getting chased by a Clone

Barbed Wire:

Survivors will scream after grabbing an Obsidian Knife

Sharper Bones:

After a survivor gets hit by a clone, Killer instinct duration is increased by 2 seconds

Yellow Addons: (TBC)


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    You'd need to hit 80% of your shots to get an item that allows you to spend time making a mediocre clone that will get shanked almost immediately. I'm not sure you really need two ways of countering clones, so maybe start there. I do like the concept, though.

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    True but the shanks are limited which makes this Killer lethal endgame once all the shanks are gone. So if they are all gone, the only thing they have is to disable the clone. One of my original ideas was where you could resurrect a dead survivor to hunt for you, but that would only encourage tunneling