Maybe the Alien being so oppressive is the whole point of the character.


I've noticed that the devs are really good at capturing the type of terror they want to invoke with a certain killer.

For example: Me and a friend were doing a generator, and we both turned our cameras at the same time, and saw Michael Myers just standing there, staring at us. It terrified both of us to realize he had been watching us the whole time.

Or The Dredge (Dredge Main here) representing the people trying to suppress their dark thoughts and failing, and whenever you're doing a gen, having to worry (suppress your fears/dark thoughts) over whether he's going to come bust out of that locker or not.

In every (good) movie or video game with the Xenomorph, the terror is that it could be anywhere, and you're in for a fate worse than death if one finds you. Survivors in Alien(s) filmes/games have to hide somewhere and then sneak around doing their objectives, hoping they don't come across one.

I'm not a sweaty. I just got this game last month. I can't "infinite loop" killers.

I've been complaining (here and on youtube) that the only play (for someone like me) is to hide and only do objectives when I know it's (chasing someone) somewhere else.

Not realizing that that's probably the intended counterplay when they designed the character.

It knows where you are when you're moving somewhere. There's no cheeky tactics of hiding around the gen due to getting Killer Instinct when he exits the tunnel.

There's only cowering in some corner until you know it's not going to find you.

And maybe that's the whole point.