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New Killer Concept: The Doomsday

M11NTY Alpha Surveyor Posts: 14

The Doomsday:

Lore -

Arnold Westbaw was a struggling author obsessed with demonology and the occult. In a desperate attempt to find inspiration, he performed a ritual to summon a demonic muse. The ritual worked too well, and Arnold was possessed by the demon he summoned. Little did he know that the demon he called upon was the Entity, to which it will now force Arnold to participate in these trials.


Speed - 4.6m/s

TR - 32m

Height - Tall

Difficulty - Hard

Weapon - Demon Claws

Uses his claws to scratch a survivor, with the hit animation being him consuming the blood through his fingers


The Doomsday uses demonic runes to conjure imps during the Countdown.

Special Interaction:

The Doomsday can sign a contract on a downed survivor, marking them for death. Survivors can get rid of the mark at an Altar by completing a minigame.

The minigame concludes of the survivor keeping an eye on which cup contains the severed finger. If the survivor guesses the correct cup, they consume the finger and are no longer marked.


Special Ability:

The Countdown metre builds up over time, increases in speed per hooked survivor. Once the countdown metre fills, The Doomsday can head over to one of 4 Altars scattered around the map. Interacting with an Altar will ring a bell, and after a delay The Countdown will commence.

During this time imps summon around the map and hunt their designated survivor, with 1 imp per marked survivor. Once every imp has completed their hunt, or the timer runs out, the Countdown stops.

If The Doomsday hits a marked survivor during The Countdown, the designated imp disappears.


Special Enemy: Imps

Imps are very loud creatures and can be stunned by pallets and cannot go through windows.

The speed of the Imps increases along the Countdown

Imps apply Haemorrhage to hit survivors, disappearing once completing their task.

Imp Stats:

Speed - 4.1m/s --> 4.23m/s



Blood Ritual:

Survivors who interact with a Hex totem suffer scream, from Exposed, and the entity blocks the Hex Totem for 20/30/40 seconds

Hex: Soul Harvester:

Each time a survivor is hooked, gain a token up to a max of 3. Each token increases the difficulty of skill checks by 15/20/25%.

Perk disables after being cleansed

Hex: Occult:

See the aura of all dull totems.

You can convert a dull totem into a Hex, removing the aura of dull totems.

Survivors suffer from the Oblivious status effect while within 8/12/16 meters of the Hex totem.


Grey Addons:

Faded Hourglass:

Slightly decreases The Countdown metre requirement

Damaged Bell Clapper:

Slightly increases cup shuffle speed in the Altar minigame

Rusted Imp Claws:

Slightly reduces the time for Imps to reach maximum speed during Countdown

Cracked Elixir:

Slightly reduces imp volume

Weathered Parchment:

Slightly increases The Countdown duration

Yellow Addons:

Fetish Charm:

Survivors suffer from Oblivious status effect for 15 seconds after The Countdown

Vicious Barbs:

Hitting a survivor during the Countdown phase applies the Mangled effect for 30 seconds


Green Addons:

Elixir of Bloodlust:

Hitting a marked survivor during the Countdown gives haste 3/4/5%.


Purple Addons:

Devil's Contract:

Marked survivors suffer from the Exposed status effect during the Countdown and can be instantly downed the The Doomsday or an imp.


Red Addons:

Damned Hourglass:

2 random Survivors are marked from the start of the trial.

After the 1st generator is completed, the Countdown immediately starts.

Over-tuned Watch:

Imps continue to chase survivors for 10 additional seconds after The Countdown has ended.