What do you think about the Knight?

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Is he fun to play/against? What do you think about his power? What are perks that Knight can use?


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    I really enjoy playing as and against him.

    His power is very interesting, good for shutting down loops, quickly damaging stuff and getting hands off pressure.

    Playing against him it's basically get the hell away when he goes to drop a guard. Break LoS so it doesn't chase you and he's forced to M1.

    Playing as him is a lot of fun if you use his power right, if you use his power mid chase you can predict where the surv will run to avoid the guard and move to cut them off. Few dbd experiences are as satisfying as mindgaming a surv into getting hit by a guard then immediately following up for the down by hitting them yourself. He can be pretty brutal in chase, while you're setting a patrol route you can hear the survs noises and see things like grass shifting, similar to a phasing spirit. So if you m1 a surv, immediately follow up with a guard, if you trigger a guard hunt you are cooking on gas, just move to cut them off and either you down them or they double back and the guard gets them.

    Perkwise you want some aura reads or spies from the shadows, some regression obviously and anything that adds pressure in chase. Knowing where survs are at from a distance is super useful because it allows you to drop a guard right on their head. Plus it's super rewarding to predict where a surv is running to drop a guard there and cut them off. Nowhere to hide is a good one if you want a one tap build, kick a gen, see the aura, flush em out with a guard, easy hits.

    My usual build with knight is discordance, spies, pop and eruption. Good tracking to let you apply pressure with guards and good solid regression to keep gens under control, eruption works particularly well since survs being downed by guards trigger it. If I want more of a chase focus bamboozle+superior anatomy is a good combo to mess with a pallet loop and can be very dangerous for a surv trying to loop shack. Spirit fury is another good one, just break 2 pallets normally and have it in your back pocket, if you start a guard chase then you can just run headlong into a pallet and surv loses a lot of distance and will probably take a hit between you and the guard.

    All in all his pressure is amazing if you use his power right, he can run chase with one survivor and in 2/3 secs can make a guard chase a 2nd survivor off a gen and tie them up for a good 10 or more seconds. Immediately following up on the first surv applying dangerous pressure on 2 survs at once.

    Add on wise he has some good stuff. My favourite add on is dried horse meat, longer hunt times are so useful, worst case it just ties up the surv for longer, best case you get a free hands off injury and it can often cause survs to drop pallets to avoid the guard which you can quickly break hands free when you notice them. But he has a lot of other cool addons, you can combo broken hilt and chainmail to basically give guards sloppy butcher. There are addons to focus on the use of carnifex, assassin or jailer if you like a particular guard.

    Imo very fun and effective killer when used right.

  • SirCracken
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    Very fun if not demanding killer to play as. And can be fun to play against if the game allows it.

    His power requires lots of micro-managing to use it effectively. Keeping track of where all survivors are, what part of the map they're in, and what routes they're likely to take to escape you are all things you have to thinking about constantly when playing Knight.

    He's at his strongest when he's pressuring multiple survivors at once. Having a survivor on the hook, and survivor chased by a guard, and another survivor chased by the Knight himself leaves only 1 survivor to save the person on hook. Leaving no one to repair gens.

    Knight wins games by wearing down survivors and beating them in a battle of attrition. Not by getting downs as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the playerbase seems convinced that he's brain-dead easy to play and counter.

    Quick PSA: Holding down W at all times when chased by a guard doesn't counter Knight. It lets the guards waste as much of your time as possible while Knight pressures your team mates. Stop saying the W key counters him. It doesn't. Coordinated plays from all survivors counter him.

    As for perks you can run on him:

    Surveillance: Synergises with guards after they break gens to give you more map knowledge.

    Sloppy Butcher: The extra healing time allows you to ambush healing survivors by placing guards near them and deleting their healing progress.

    Forced Hesitation: Incredibly underrated perk that allows any guard an almost guaranteed hit on any survivors affected by it. Allowing you to herd survivors and set up multi-downs between you and your guards.

    It's a shame that his guard's AI is still buggy and most maps don't let him make interesting plays as often as he should.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Unique power, No other Killer has ability to summon second Killer to do stuff for him at the same time. Sadly the AI is sometimes inconsistend, buggy. Map of the Realm addon is a must have sadly.

    He is quite fun to play as when you want to play with minions. Playing againts him is okay I quess, kinda mid maybe. His counterplay isn't something interesting lets put it that way but he isn't unfun I would say.

  • Ghoste
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    I see Knight as an autopilot Killer. Place a guard, they chase one way, you chase the other, and you get a hit. He encourages "hold W" gameplay, which is not fun for either side.

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    The Idea is good, but sadly the counter is just pressing "W" and thats pretty boring for both sides.

  • edgarpoop
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    He's pretty fun to play. I've been enjoying him lately. Playing against him is meh. There's not a whole lot of counterplay to the level at which Knight can zone you.

    I'd put him in low A/high B tier. He's one of the best killers in the game at splitting pressure and keeping a team busy. His power is versatile. It can be used in chase, for info, for locking down an area, etc.

    Knight can use pretty much any perk. Doesn't really need tracking or chase perks though because his power is so good at that.

  • TheSingularity
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    I don't like him.

  • Rickprado
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    I love him! His design, his gameplay. I wish BHVR made some tweaks to the Knights, so he could become even better.

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    unique, fun to play with versatile playstyle

    i don't think we really got a viable strategy killer until knight.

    i just hope they improve him and his Ai a bit and fix some of his bugs.

  • Hermit
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    Boring to play as and against.

    Survivor is at a loop, summon guard, repeat until the survivor is in a corner or dead zone, repeat…

  • Pulsar
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    I enjoy playing as him, not so much against him.

    I find him to be pretty strong, especially against good teams

  • Dogma_loki
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    Trash killer who practically every one who mains him does the exact same thing.

    Send out the minion, and follow closely behind. Once the minion hits you they quickly down you.


  • M1_gamer
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    hate him. the end.

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    I've never played as him, don't actually own him, but I do groan out loud when I see I'm playing against him. I just find him boring. He's not my least favourite to play against though, I'll still play the match out no problem.

  • IlliterateGenocide
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    Boring to play against, could be worse.

    clunky to play so i havent played much of him

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    Fun to play as, nothing to add to the comments already listed. He's very hot and cold in regards to performances. He's often frustrating to play as as guards can be clunky and slow off the mark. He needs a few QOL changes such as having to step back when too close to a pallet/breakable. Holding W is a big counter for him. I've yet to be actually hit by a guard because they're so easy to outrun, especially with Lithe. Survivors that try to loop him are the ones that get punnished, especially at shacks.

    Lovely aesthetic and his TR music is thrilling, especially as he approaches.

    Great killer all round imo, think the criticism the chapter gets is a bit ott. Very divisive killer who the ones who play him love, but survivors generally hate.

  • Steel_Eyed
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    I stopped playing him after MFT released. Injured survivors are now faster than two of the guards.

    But before MFT I was having a blast playing him. P18. It’s very satisfying breaking pallets with Carnifex.

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    Was underwhelmed when he released.

    Finally put some time into him today and boy was I wrong, he's a lot of fun.

    Cutting around the edge of a loop to drop a guard and herd a survivor back into you for the down is really satisfying.

    Running a guard along a known route and getting some free detection and pressure is great.

    Run a line from a hooked survivor and let the guard return and pressure the savior for you while you pressure another survivor

    There is a lot to unpack here and so far anyone holding W has gone down rather quickly its not the solution people think it is.

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    To me, really fun to play, clunky summoning and MUST bring map of the realm 24/7.

    That brown addon means have a power or not.

  • A_Can_Of_Air
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    There’s a lot of add-ons that I want to use, but can’t, because Map of the Realm is basically necessary to get consistent use out of the power.

    I use dried horsemeat because it adds more chase potential to both Assassin and Carnifex. Jailer is meh with it, but if it boosts two out of the three guards then that’s enough for me.

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    Yeah, i also would love to try some times double guard and guard buff like double assassin scream.

    But that means not map of the realm, not worth.

  • indieeden7
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    Second most snoozefest killer, placing just behind Skull Merchant. The game is not balanced around a survivor being chased by 2 separate entities at the same time, and thus playing against Knight just feels uninteractive and unfair, regardless of whether or not you actually win a chase.

  • Grigerbest
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    He's pretty fun to play as, but very UNfun to play against.

    My problem with his power - 100% rng based chase by AI.

    AI is very unpredictable, sometimes it will cost you a lose. (They are running pass the survivors, they getting stuck, they are running weird pathing)

    You can probably use any build on the knight, 1 thing - don't use hit-based perks like Jolt, 50% of the time your guards hit for you.

    Also for pallets or gen kicking, just use your power to do it for you.

  • DBD78
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    Mediocre killer at best. Ok-ish to play and boring to play against. I think most would agree.

  • BlightedTrapper
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    He's pretty miserable to play against. When at literally any loop he can just plop a guard down to force you away, and it's pretty common that you won't even have enough time to reach another loop. Really not a fan of these killers that just force downs on survivors with little counterplay.

  • zarr
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    Knight has next to no counterplay in chase - if a secondary survivor isn't there to steal guards for you, you just die at most tiles. If you aren't zoned you can sometimes get out of reach, but not only can Knight predict this and position either himself or the guard accordingly, but even if you do dodge a guard once and actually make it elsewhere, he'll have the next one soon enough.

    I do have to say however that I enjoy both playing as and against Knight at times, bit of a guilty pleasure similar to Twins. For one thing they are rather macro-heavy killers that require coordination and multi-tasking on both sides' part (even if particularly in Knight's case this can often devolve into 3-gen gameplay), and for another the visual and audio design on Knight is just too cool to never touch the killer.

    As for perks, you don't really need anything to help your chases, so you can just max out on gen, tracking and pressure perks. Pain Resonance + Dead Man Switch is particularly nice, because you can force people off gens with guards to trigger DMS. Sloppy/Gift Of Pain are great. Forced Penance isn't awful, people regularly need to take hits for each other against Knight. Tracking perks are the usual, but if you're on DMS you definitely want Ultimate Weapon, Barbecue or Thrilling Tremors.

    Play With Your Food isn't half-bad on Knight, seeing as how you can farm stacks by spawning guards to break chase state, and might only need 1 hit to down people. Forced Hesitation is more gimmicky but definitely funny, because whenever it procs on anyone, the guard you spawn on them will definitely get them. But neither of these is really worth it - your chase is already strong enough, and it's not like these are very consistently impactful perks either.

    I'm not actually confident in saying which add-ons are the best, but I do think Battle Axe Head is good because Carnifex is arguably the best Guard (breaks pallets instantly which can equal free hits in chase, hunts for so long that a hit is essentially guaranteed), Blacksmith's Hammer is neat particularly against Made For This, Lightweight Greaves is strong, combine it with Cold Steel Manacles.

  • Aurelle
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    Knight is my other main, so I find him pretty fun to play. It's fun to see the guards chasing the survivors around the map and he has one of the best moris in the game. However, the guards AI and patching is absolutely stupid sometimes. Nemesis' zombies do better at their job than them most of the time.

    He also can be extremely annoying to play against sometimes. Especially when he forces you out of loops with the guards. And if Assassin spawns, it's usually a guaranteed hit/down. And sometimes you can't reach the flags because the guards or the Knight himself will chase you far from them.

    Most of his addons are bad/mediocre, but Iridescent Contract is absolutely needed on him in order to play him effectively. STBFL is really good on him along with most tracking perks like BBQ, Nowhere To Hide, etc. You can also run a typical gen regression build on him, like DMS/PGTW/Overcharge/Pain Resonance.