The mimic

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What if there was a killer that could mimic survivors but like the wrath he could not hit. backstory-he was a normal kid gos to school comes back sleeps but on his 18 birthday he started to have visions about the entity he was confused . When he would sleep he would dream of killing people in a loop he only knew Nicolas Cage but the rest non he didn’t know and people . And people with masks his friend Jordy becher was in his dream he hooked her on meat hook he stab her with a sword


  • poopy
    poopy Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 4

    Then he woke up he had a book on me Elijah waltz there was a chapter named all kill he read that and found it interesting but it felt rough and tour like it was real the enity took him and now he kills . Perks- othbound when a survivor is in your terror radius they can only valt 3 times - stop it -if a survivor crouch’s in front of you then they get the deep wound effect-death bed-when carrying a survivor and you hook them near a survivor you now where they are