Hidden Matchmaking Delay Setting

What type of in-game harassment does this prevent? Does it make sure you don't play against the same killer who can tunnel you or something? If so, how long does it keep you separated from players that you played with?

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  • awustzdn
    awustzdn Member Posts: 296

    Streamsnipers who queue at the exact same time as a streamer in the hopes of ruining their game. This is, functionally, a redundant system since the streamers who'd get targeted now get a Preferred Player Premium Queue (TM).

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,139
    edited September 26

    It's for streamers, so stream snipers can't try to queue into the streamers lobby by timing their ready up, or tell if they're in a streamers lobby by matching the time they ready up.

  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 821

    So if I have this turned on, it is entirely possible that I will end up in back to back matches against the same player playing the killer role?

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,139

    No more or less likely than without it... but yes entirely possible.