In-match option to kill teammates

Will we ever get an in-game option to kill teammate if he does not do generators. Maybe an item, sort of sacrificial knife. You kill a teammate who does not do generators and 1 gen gets popped? Also if he does not loop well kill him and do gen. Killer benefits a lot from feeding survivors (pop goes the weasel, scourge hook pain res etc) and from survivors not doing generators. I think survivors should have an option to prevent it


  • Marc_go_solo
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    Suddenly, the game turns into Danganrompa, with the killer and remaining survivors entering a trial hosted by a Monokuma Entity. If the killer is found guilty, the game continues. If one of the survivors are guilty, instant Mori with that weird Danganrompa execution music in the background.

    DBD meets courtroom drama. A new genre surfaces!

  • Prosecutor
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    I mean if the person does not do gens, he is ruining the match for others, should not there be a punishment for such players?

  • Prosecutor
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    Regarding the part it happens with all online games, i completely agree. However, in other games, say Dota 2 there is 'behaviour score', it can fall low due to multiple reports reasons for which are afk, trolling, not normal gameplay etc. And when its low you get players who play in the same way. So what i am saying we should definitely have some kind of an option to punish such players.

  • CatnipLove
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    It would be really funny if survivors could vote to kick a player, and their character just instantly dropped dead on the spot. It would be hilarious to watch if they were mid-chase.

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    I'd be fine with it if it required the 'hold the match hostage' timer of 10 minutes straight of not touching gens to be vulnerable to the sacrificial blade, that way Survivors can either kill each other for hatch if the Killer is doing it to them, or you can kill the afk that the Killer has been ignoring.

  • CorvusCorax86
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    Honestly, this is a very bad idea. It's enough for me to read the insults of "fellow" team mates who lost the match. As the last one to go down they blame the match on me. When you get a pip and achieve a challenge you know you did well. I don't need people kicking me in mid-match for "reasons".

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    I would rather they make an idle timer where after so long without any interactions they just boot you for a bot, id much rather have a bot than people who hide and don't do gens all game, or people who afk and keep crows all match because they didn't like a killer but didn't want to DC, if you have crows for 1 minute straight it should be a insta kick from the match

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    Massive stretch, but was this inspired by Town of Salem 2?

    Y’know, like how the Prosecutor role works?

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    yes please let me stab meg to death. if you arent gonna be helpful then you can stop droppin pallets along the way :P

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  • Simfeliz
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    "Lastly everyone has bad games doesn't always mean they are doing it intentionally, same goes for any online game accept it or don't play with random teammates."

    This is what I always say. We all have our bad days. I have no doubt that those who moan and complain about their SoloQ comrades make plenty of mistakes too.

    Don't want to play with randoms? Form a full SWF.

  • pseudechis
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    The problem is that people will use it as a punishment for anything they deem "bad play". The concept of bad play is so subjective that survivors going around killing each other over it would defeat the purpose of having a killer player at all.

  • Moonras2
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    Maybe make it an option when only 2 survivors are left. So long as you have done x amount in game, a knife will spawn randomly on the map. If you haven't done anything you cannot see the aura of it but the other player can. This still gives the one survivor a chance to play completely solo in a match but makes it more likely they won't get the knife. Also might help with both people hiding for hatch. They could just kill one another instead.

  • Rulebreaker
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    ... admittedly it would be hilarious to have, but it would ultimately ruin the game unless it had EXTREMELY restricted uses. Even then it's probably a bad idea to have it in the game.

  • BubbaDredge
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    You do, you just leave them on the hook. Not a great plan, though. Even being worthless is a distraction that buys you time, everything the killer does to or because of the worthless player is more time the killer isn't doing anything to the rest of the team.

    But you can't be murdering, only killers can do that. Union rules.

  • SleepyLunatic
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    If they add that you wouldnt be playing the next day anymore since everyone would kill you for playing bad.

  • SleepyLunatic
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    I mean, she doesnt really kill ithers, she just uses them for her advantage.

  • appleas
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    Archive challenges exist.

    Another reason why Solo Queue can be a trollfest is because someone loaded in with the intention to cleanse totems, open chests or do glyphs over escaping.

    Before killing the player for not participating, you might want to look at BHVR for implementing all these silly challenges like take glyph from spot A to B which happens to be across the map.

  • Melinko
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    There is, it is a report option for not participating.

    But also, how do you know they aren't participating. Some people do solo cue so they can do their tome challenges. Maybe they need glyhps or totems or chest or blinds or stuns or destroying hooks or etc, etc.

    Just because someone isn't doing a gen doesn't mean they are just AFK.

    As to the idea itself, it would get out of hand quickly and it wouldn't take long before survivors would kill the other survivor at the end to get hatch or ruin a 4k/achievement for a killer they deem toxic.

  • SMitchell8
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    There could be a send prompt button. The survivors could be able to send a prompt to any of the survivors to "do more"

    It would be something like this appearing somewhere on the players screen

    " Your teammates want you to focus on the generators "

    Or something along those lines.

  • 9000OniMain
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    Or forfeit

  • Evan_
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    You should play killer!

    The entire role is centered around killing survivors who don't do gens. Or at least not quickly enough.

  • NewPlayer100102
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    This should be a rotating event, Night of Tiny Knife or whatever...

    Just for fun, grant one player the knife and bonus blood points for assisting the killer.

    Something to change the game play loop, rolled out on a very rare event schedule for like 24 hours or so.

  • GensByDaylight
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    If James gets a pillow with a different kill animation, then yes!

  • Prosecutor
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    isnt it a point? If someone loops for 3 seconds most likely they are afk. Also if they are not doing generators then again, you have the right to punish them

  • Prosecutor
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    there is a huuuuge gap between 'a bad day' and i loop 3 seconds, crouch in the corner all game and do not repair generators all game

  • CatnipLove
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    Survivor is wasting time in the basement. Teammates vote to kick them:

  • Simfeliz
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    The looping part I would disagree on. I've been there. I can loop the killer for a gen in one match and the next match I go down really quick because I was caught off guard or in a dead zone. It happens. Not to mention maybe they are new. We know it's extremely common for experienced players to be matched up with new and inexperienced players.

    As I said. Don't like this. Form a SWF. Instead of thinking of silly ways to punish people.

  • Prosecutor
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    You keep saying the same thing over and over again. Why do you refuse to understand? If a person healthy, not exposed loops the killer shorter than 5 seconds it is his fault and he is ruining the match for others. This can happen if the person is legit feeding or ruining match. HE/SHE, not you, not me. HE/SHE , the person, responsible for playing bad should take accountability for HIS/HER actions.On top of this, you did not explain why a person not repairing generators should not be punished. Is he having a bad day so he can not press m1 next to generators. Why does it bother you so much? I as well as any person would not be bothered by such option at all as i always do generators and loop longer than 5 seconds.