is it just me or does mikaela's face look different everywhere?

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super random but...that's the main thing that i've noticed about my dear i just blind or something? literally in every picture her face looks either pretty, normal, different or ugly...

(the 3rd picture (old model) is my favorite one, and that's what i imagine her to actually look like. the new one is a lot worse lol...)

not looking for dumb comments or anything, just wanted to make sure whether anyone else sees the strange difference.

thoughts? do y'all see what i mean or is it just me? in a couple pictures her face (kinda) looks the same, but in some other ones she looks completely different.

still, a pretty woman, nevertheless.


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    she just loops from kind to sassy to evil then back to kind over and over again

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    Who is this woman?! Nobody knows.😭

    In all seriousness I have a theory that the picture showing "Old vs. New" never actually happened...🤔

    and almost all the pictures you've shared are unofficial renders made by fans using custom lighting and expressions so she might look different in eachone even though her model is the same.

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    I think it's just the lighting that makes her look different. In brighter lighting her face almost looks like it was blurred using a filter and in darker lighting she looks older, almost middle aged. But in the lobby and certain game lighting she looks fine.

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    It could be the lighting, but in some of the images (particularly #1 and #6) her jawline is unusually wide. Looks like she could unhinge it for attack purposes, or has pouches to store food for the lean times.

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    Hm I see no difference between old and new.

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    Part of it may be the glasses being missing in some renders there.

    You'd be surprised how much that seems to impact how we view faces

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