All New Content Reveals from the Haunted By Daylight Livestream

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That's right- it's a mini I Watched It So You Don't Have To! Someone asked me nicely to do this, so here I am lol.

Firstly, here's the Haunted by Daylight Reveal Trailer:

And here's the livestream:

Featured on the Stream

Featured on the Stream today are:

Erik Pope | Community Director | He/Him

Dork | Community Manager | She/Her (it's also her birthday lol wish her happy birthday)

Dave Richard | Senior Creative Director | He/Him |

Sarah Robinson | Associate Artistic Director | She/Her

Jean Escalante | Game Designer | He/Him

Rose Li | Senior Product Manager | She/Her

Leisha Riddel | Associate Artistic Director | She/Her (she's so iconic)

Welcome to the Void

Not to be confused with the debut album from UK band Hot Milk, "A Call to the Void".

Welcome to the Void Realm, a place not visited since the early days of Dead By Daylight's lore. When the Characters- both Survivors and Killers- are in Trials, their strong emotions are fed off, and for each sacrifice a piece of their soul is taken. When they've been completely squeezed dry, left with no shred of emotion left, they are discarded into The Void.

The Void has been hinted at previously in several Blight Event Tome stories, and the idea came about in the early stages when the creative team were thinking about the worst possible situation after spending centuries upon centuries fighting for your life in the Trials.

For the Event purposes, the Void will be seeping and leaking into the Trials, and so small Void pockets will be spawning throughout the Trial. Within these Void pockets, are little creatures known as "Haunts"- a manifestation of forgotten memories and discarded dreams. When these pockets appear in the Trials, these Haunts realise that maybe- just maybe- they could latch onto something. Something alive. Something with emotion.

And maybe, just maybe, they could escape...

Event Gameplay + Rewards

And expectations are high, as this year's Haunted by Daylight has been described as the "scariest event yet". You'll be able to explore The Void from October 18th to November 6th.

This Event is an evolution from last year's Haunted by Daylight experience, where some of the gameplay elements from last year will be mixed together with newer ones. Around the map are dormant Haunts, which will play a role later.

Also, floating around the map are little "Void Orbs", similar to the smashable pumpkins from last year, which when appraoched will float towards the player and give a little bit of Void Energy. Never fear, though, the Pumpkins remain, though this time with a bit of a glow-up. This Energy needs to be taken to an Unstable Rift, and when enough Void Energy has been collected by all players in the trial, the Rift will stabilise and allow players to Enter the Void.

Inside the Void, in order to get the real eeriee vibe it deserves, the team have been able to combine several details from across several maps (Yamaoka, Red Forest, Eyerie of Crows, Macmillain Estate, "I think there's some other ones as well) into a patchwork of nightmares, woven together with Void Energy. Within the Void, the Survivors and Killers seem to become corrupted- as if their very beings are being torn apart by the energy. Moreover, regular gameplay continues, with some slight twists.

Survivors permanently suffer from Exhausted, and if they enter injured or become injured will suffer from Broken until the Void collapses. Killers, meanwhile, cannot use their powers, and have permanent Undetectable. If a Survivor gets hooked on a Void Hook, they are immediately ejected out of the Void onto a hook in the real world, but fret not- The Void can be opened multiple times per game, and it acts as a shortcut across the map. Entering the Void and exiting at a later point while still open can get you far further than you'd expect...

Provided you were the allied team who freed the Haunt in the Void, you'll be able to run into the Haunt to get a small speed boost, or run the opponent into the Haunt to Hinder them.

As part of the Event Tome, there are some skins for The Knight and Meg Thomas, as well as certain charms, sweaters, and weapons purchased with "Dark Trinkets". Dark Trinkets are an additional reward for complete challenges- not replacing anything- and can be used to purchase Event cosmetics. There are also certain "Milestone Rewards", unlocked through purchasing several of the cosmetics. This is the only way to complete the skins for Meg and The Knight.

Quality of Life Improvements

Outfits are no longer being bundeled with DLC! BHVR have listened to the Community backlash and are reverting that recent decision. This was mentioned earlier on but I felt it important to put it here.

The team have also highlighted the brand new Anti-Facecamping tactic, Skull Merchant rework, and update to the Shattered Square. Also, some merch... yay..?

A Look to the Store

Coming this Halloween, we've got three new Licenced Blight skins: Yoichi Asakawa, The Onryo, and The Xenomorph.

The Xenomorph is an ultra-rare skin, meaning it has unique VFX and lobby animation.

Also, there's some void-themed skins for David King, Yun-Jin Lee, and Haddie Kaur. The team really wanted to make it feel like they've been truly impacted by the Void- they've been here a while- and it's truly left it's mark. The skins have borrowed aspects from their Default cosmetics, but corrupted and changed, their clothing worn away with time (crop top David is real). They wanted to really get an organic feel, borrowing elements from sea urchins and aspects of natural decay. Moreover, these skins are literally haunted- they all come with new VFX of hands clawing their way across the outfits, desperate for some mercy, some escape from the Void.

The most haunted part of Haddie is that bob.

Moans cutely.

Me on my 7th redbull of the day but no I slept well.

Unfortunately, the FOMO continues. The Void-Touched skins are only available for a limited time, during the Event duration- from October 18th to November 6th.

Tricks and Treats returns, featuring Jake Park as a Werewolf and Claudette Morel as a fairy!

The team would also like to highlight the new, killer-only Cursed Cats collection they released recently.

Finally, and we've all been waiting for it, the Naughty Bear skin for The Trapper! Naughty Bear is being introduced as a new rarity- "Visceral"- featuring a new mori, carry animation, and everything. It's definitely an upgrade from Trapper's default, that's for sure.


The team also answered 2 questions from chat.

"What's happening with M&A/Shadowborn now we know an FOV slider is coming"?

More info to come soon, keep your eye on socials.

"Shattered Square rework has not enough pallets now."

The team will have another look at the loop rebalancing to ensure they didn't overcorrect.

Later in the Stream, some Fog Whisperers played some Event Gameplay, and some of the developers played a TTRPG weaving elements of the official DBD Board Game and the new Void Lore. I don't have time to watch them, but I'll link below (with timestamps) when it's done- let me know if there's anything new and fancy there and I'll add the information here.

Event gameplay:


And remember: Twitch drops are live! Link your platform account and Twitch account to your BHVR account then watch for 3 hours to get the Hatch Micro Playlist Charm (1 hour), Hag Candy Weapon (2 hours), and Elodie Skeleton T-Shirt (3 hours).

Worth noting it doesn't need to be 3 hours on the official channel- any Dead By Daylight stream would do it! These drops cannot be claimed on Nintendo Switch.

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