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is this DC happening to anyone else?

ingis84 Member Posts: 9
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This is the 3rd time tonight this happened and I keep getting a match making ban. I'm up to 15 mins now. This is bs and not fair. I am NOT disconnecting, Shouldn't the system be able to tell when its a legit DC? I play on ps5 with a wired connection. It happened 1 killer match and 2 survivor matches (not in a row, a few matches in between each). I'm afraid to play now because I don't want the ban time to grow any larger. This last match I went in to unhook a jane on Badham and the game froze as i was unhooking then bam black screen. Is this happening to anyone else or anyone know what I can do to stop this or know why I am getting the MM ban?

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  • Marc_123
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    My first game on PS4 today crashed near the end... had the Daily and one Tome challenge done in that match...

    Really annoying. But i have no penalty.

    Games after that went normal.


  • ingis84
    ingis84 Member Posts: 9

    Dang that sucks. This first penalty was like 30 seconds(possibly a minute) so i wasn't worried, then the 2nd time it was 3 mins and i was getting worried. This last time it went to 15, so i shut off the game. I'm not taking any chances especially during an event. And it sucks because I don't know when it will be ok and safe to play, because from what i read they don't disclose the reset time on the D/C timer so I guess I'll take a break for a few days and hope it gets fixed, just to be safe.

  • Marc_123
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    In the bug section they have it at least acknoledged. People report that for some time now.

    Don´t think they repair that fast.

    Ususally when i get a crash games after that are normal. Maybe there are some broken servers and most are fine.

    Add yours to the bug section so they see there are more players affected.