If THE PREDATOR came to DBD, what do you think his Power could be?

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Any Power that was Canon from the movies, and what you think would fit well with Dead By Daylight's playstyle.

If THE PREDATOR came to DBD, what do you think his Power could be? 8 votes

Sholder Cannon + Invisibility
Sholder Cannon + Heat Vision
Heat Vision + Invisibility
Marc_go_soloArchol123DepressedlegionTheSingularityAdara 5 votes
A mixture of Sholder Cannon, Invisibility AND Heat Vision, possible as Add-Ons similar to Modern Freddy.
[Deleted User]TommyDorkelson 2 votes
An Exposed Power + Any of the first 3 Polls mentioned.
A Killer Instinct Power + Plus the Exposed power, and/or any of the first 3 Polls mentioned.
...drones? + any of the other stuff???
EVERYTHING!!! Make him the Apex Perfect Organism he was meant to be...
CorvusCorax86 1 vote


  • Marc_123
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    Hmm... not sure.

    For Alien they did a whole new tunnel system.

    Maybe they do a kind of shoulder cannon. Dredge already can shoot.

    And his blobs track survs and lock on.

    Maybe Predator could have a auto lock on system - in the movie he shoots some discs. But he also has Blades like Scully.

    Also he 100% must have a cloaking ability. Unimaginable if not.

    Ah and - they have to replace the End Game Collapse Sound with his Self Destruct Sound :-)

  • D34D_B34TB0X
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    The self destruct part would definitely be a nice touch. X) 👌

  • Adara
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    Heat Vision + Invisibility

    More than shoulder cannon I would like to see spear as throwable weapon. This could be opportunity to make a ranged attack which killer CAN'T RELOAD. You simply have to go and recover thrown spear.

    Some use of invisibility and heat vision would be very cool... but they need to be limited heavily.

    Aura perks are easily the most game impacting perks for killers ATM and invisibility is literally Wraith's whole kit. Very hard to balance. Maybe make the invisibility something like Tricker's main even - you can activate only after meeting specific criteria and for very limited time.