Would you like to add a non-human survivor?

Boons123 Member Posts: 690

I mean, less human-like in terms of structure , whether it fits the game or not

It is not like the Demogorgon, which has a great resemblance to humans (it has a head - hands - legs - fingers -) and moves with only two legs.

You can imagine what it would be like and it would be better to share it here

Would you like to add a non-human survivor? 46 votes

Yes! I want them to add that
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I don't know
TheSingularity 1 vote
Probably not
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No! I don't want that at all
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  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,783

    Could be interesting as part of a license. I'm not sure I'd be bothered whether it's done or not, but if it was done I'd be dead against any recognisable animal.

  • Elxira
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    What non human survivor could there be? Scooby doo?

  • FriendhausTTV
    FriendhausTTV Member Posts: 17
    Probably not

    if you mean something like a cyborg or a robot, sure, like ash from Alien, or C3P0, anything with the form factor of a regular human, for animation parity's sake

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 1,077
    Yes! I want them to add that

    now i want shaggy in this shiz

  • Felgoose
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    Wurt from Dont Starve Together!

  • Musxussu575
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    edited November 2023

    Partner with WWF and have an African lion killer that drags its victims into small caves instead of hooking them. 👍️🤣

  • Boons123
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    Strange, I did not receive any notification about any comment written here

    I thought my post was dead

  • MARChunk
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    Yes! I want them to add that

    I think it would be cool to have the ninja turtles since they are sort of humanoid maybe shredder as a killer/skin and maybe just donatello as the character because he is a tech savy guy and can do gens but also raphael could have some interesting perks. I mean the more I think about it they probably could make all of them full blown characters if they really wanted to. But I would just be fine with skins as well

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Yes! I want them to add that


  • jonifire
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    Yes! I want them to add that

    I would like to get something to scare my team.

    Or at least a Michel Myers/Ghost face mask for survivors.

  • Rmbrhellokitty
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    well doent gabriel soma count to some extent since he's more a biolgical robot clone?. I haven't fully read his lore but was he not a difrent prototype to the hux machine (aka singularity) but aside from that I think maybe a ghost like character would be cool?

  • Yes! I want them to add that

    Give me the lizard men (or women. I'm not picky).

  • COLF44JC
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    Yes! I want them to add that

    Oh btw Wesker a.k.a Mastermind is human too

  • COLF44JC
    COLF44JC Member Posts: 15
    Yes! I want them to add that

    OOH I GOT IT! Robocop.