PC - Skull Merchant Drones won't spawn in specific situation

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Step 1 : Play as Skull Merchant;

Step 2 : Deploy 5 drones; keep 1 with you (this step isn't mandatory, but makes it easier to consistently reproduce the bug);

Step 3 : Down a survivor;

Step 4 : Before hooking the surv, put a drone near the hook;

Step 5: Hook the surv in the hook with the drone nearby (the drone will despawn and go back to you);

Step 6: Get away from the hook and try deploying the drone.

The animation will work, but during the animation the drone will be invisible and it won't spawn. The drones available counter won't go down. You get undetectable status effect normally.

Additional information

  • Character: Skull Merchant
  • Perks: Any perks, I guess. I'm using Dissolution, Spirit Fury, Brutal Strength, Resistence.
  • Any map.
  • Frequently happens and can be easily reproduced.


The example below demonstrates that it doesn't need to be the last drone in your pocket for this bug to happen.


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