Killers’ reaction to Chucky

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Now that Chucky is in the game, what do y’all think how the other killers would react to meeting Chucky in the fog?


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    huntress would love him thats for sure

  • Atsuka_Anarchy
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    Chucky would instantly belong to Susie.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    At a brief guess:

    The Trapper: Mild amusement, but too embroiled in his task and pressure from the Entity to really care.

    The Wraith: A form of disgust at the glee Chucky shows from tormenting Survivors. Philip doesn't kill out of joy.

    The Hillbilly: He'll notice the unusual difference but too busy slaughtering to care much.

    The Nurse: Probably laugh at the absurdity of it all.

    The Shape: Looks, breathes and then walks away.

    The Hag: If there is a glimmer of humanity buried deep within, the voodoo aspect would interest her. She may try to observe more, but not likely to comminucate.

    The Doctor: Laughs hysterically and at the same time have some admiration for the ability of a killer toy. Will look down on him.

    The Huntress: Will show a keen interest in Chucky. Maybe take him home as a toy for any future children she thinks she might get. Perhaps confusion over Chucky's potty mouth.

    The Cannibal: I feel Bubba would fear Chucky. His childlike mind would struggle to deal with a smack-talking, murderous doll.

    The Nightmare: If this was the original Freddy, these two would hit it off. However, this Freddy is a bit more disgusting and darker. Chucky may take issue with him.

    The Pig: She'd shake her head and keep away. Doesn't want the chaos to disrupt her plans.

    The Clown: These two may get on well. Perhaps Chucky may see him more as his goon, but they'd get on.

    The Spirit: Won't care. Too angry.

    The Legion: Best buddies. Chucky could become the 5th member of Legion, but would probably fight Frank for leadership.

    The Plague: She may have some fear. The language barrier would be an issue and Chucky is unlike anything she could have conceived before.

    The Ghost Face: A strong, mutual respect. Perhaps share stories on their work. They'd learn a lot from each other.

    The Demogorgon: Would probably hunt Chucky, as it would hunt anything else.

    The Oni: I can see Chucky being an absolute bastard to Kazan, mocking him. The Oni would hate Chucky's insolence.

    The Deathslinger: Caleb would see Chucky less as a living doll and more some sort of machine. Caleb would still be impressed though.

    The Executioner: Too busy dealing judgement to care. Chucky may have a fascination with The Great Knife though.

    The Blight: Before the blight took over, they'd probably look to each other for ways to escape the realm, or at least learn of the powers to share ideas. Now though, they'd barely look at each other.

    The Twins: Charlotte now walks around with 2 little dudes in her chest. Chucky is not overly enamored. Will explain to Tiffany this means nothing.

    The Trickster: Ji-Woon Hak would quite like Chucky, but I believe Chucky would find Ji-Woon too flash.

    The Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S..... No interraction.

    The Cenobite: Conversations about being and dark magic would happen. Chucky would probably get more out of it than Elliot, but they'd enjoy the company. Not best buds, but a good business relationship.

    The Artist: Carmina's bird-warped brain may make her interested in Chucky and Chucky will take to her, seeing her as a pet. Will explain to Tiffany this means nothing.

    The Onryō: Chucky will stay away from Sadako. She's a bit too unnerving for him.

    The Dredge: Gah!! #########!!! What the Hell is that??!?!

    The Mastermind: Wesker would quite like Chucky as a goon for him. Chucky is a bit smarter than Wesker may have initially thought, but Wesker may be interested in the practicality of the voodoo use with his plans. Mixing magic with biology would be interesting.

    The Knight: Chucky would make fun of him. A lot. Like the Oni, the Good Guy will take a fair bit of pleasure from this.

    The Skull Merchant: I reckon they'd get along well. Both were smart people and Chucky may be intrigued by her abilities. Likewise, Adriana would find him cute. Chucky will tell Tiffany there is nothing going on.

    The Singularity: Charles may be a little confused by this bizarre robot-fleshy creature. Hux may view Chucky as not worthy of extracting DNA from, dismissing him as a toy.

    The Xenomorph: Chucky will stay the heck away from it. Fortunately, I don't feel the Xenomorph is too interested in a plastic toy as a host.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    Trapper would try to catch him.

    Wraith would just stare at him while turning his head wherever Chucky runs.

    Hillbilly would just chase him.

    The Doctor would just follow him and laugh non stop.

    The Clown would probably let Chucky ride on his shoulder while letting Chucky throw his bottles.

    Chucky might scare the Oni just like mice scare elephants.

    The Cenobite will probably just ignore him, unless Chucky steals the puzzle cube.

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    chucky had michaels knife i think he would want it back to k1ll his sister with

  • Marc_go_solo
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    Kitchen knives are plentoful. I'm sure he'll find another pretty easily.

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    i dont see many in the trails but then again he does have alternate weapons