Something happened to MMR ?

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Out of 3 matches today 2 killers barely got any hooks.

The myers hard tunneled and got 4 hooks, but Both Oni and Nemi barely got any hooks, to a pont where i was about to sacrifice my self because i felt bad for the Oni.

  • We were not a full swf.

This is not how my matches used to be, and im puzzled, are MMR turned off?

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  • fussy
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    I personally noticed it like two weeks ago. Like all my streamers suddenly stopped playing against newbies and actually started sweating almost every game.

    Me personally didn't notice much different, cause my region is already sweat swamp. But I definitely started getting fewer newbies.

    Also there are WAY LESS dc's recently.

  • scoser
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    In my killer games recently, I'm getting shellacked just about every game by the survivors, who are more mouthy in post-game chat as well.

  • LordGlint
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    I feel like separating people who play DBD for a living from newbies is a GOOD thing. Alot of ppl got too use to being able to talk with chat and still winning with only half their attention being on the correct monitor.

  • tjt85
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    Fair point, but they've been very secretive about MMR so far. I don't think anyone outside of BHVR fully understands how it works. After all, it's a hidden number that they won't ever let us see, so why would they tell us if they'd changed something about it?

  • cheetocultleader
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    Besides wait times, it seems about the same to me. Sometimes I get a 3k hour Blight, and sometimes I get a brand new Demo just trying to have fun, lol. Wait times though have been much longer. They were around a minute or two, but sometimes I've had 10-15 minutes this past weekend.

  • Unknown2765
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    Perhaps, but i did only play 3 games yesterday and this felt off to what i normally experience with killers. Especially when i face Nemi and Oni. - And looking at the other answers here, it looks like i was not wrong.

  • Unknown2765
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    Perhaps that could explain it, i dont play much anymore. Just a few matches with my freinds a week or so.

  • Coffeecrashing
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    I thought this is what people wanted? I’ve heard so many complaints about how broken matchmaking gets with backfilled lobbies, and guess what? If backfilled lobby matchmaking ever got fixed, then the matchmaking would be less lopsided, right?

  • edgarpoop
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    I definitely started to feel it in solo queue yesterday. Escaped 5 of 6 games and the worst result was a 2k.

  • Triplehoo
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    In the future, I hope that you and the dev team are more transparent about changes like this. Luckily, this didn't escalate too much to be huge drama.

    And I have to admit, I suppose I was wrong about my own theory about what caused this

  • WhoSoup
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    I noticed something was up maybe like two months-ish ago because I kept getting matched against people with familiar names, which rarely happened before. I didn't notice a difference in the quality of my games until more recently. Makes sense now in retrospect.

  • Gylfie
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    Does this at all explain why I suddenly can't win anymore as survivor? Every killer I face plays like their life depends on it and my solo queue teammates and I just can't keep up. I even found myself a discord with friendly strangers to play SWF with and we still get demolished. It's so demoralizing.

    But I don't understand how raising the MMR softcap would cause that? I think I don't understand the concept...

  • merri1400
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    I'm still slightly confused, are you more likely with the soft cap risen to be paired with newer people? That's what it sounds like it would happen since the beginner pool would be bigger but people on the forums seem to be having sweatier matches.

  • TheArbiter
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    Most people on these forums have more hours in DBD than your average player, meaning more people on here are at the higher end of the cap so that's why their games have got sweatier

  • Skillfulstone
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    Basically, raising the softcap means that the "newcomer" pool of players gets bigger, let's give an example with made-up numbers;

    Before, the soft-cap was 300 (players with little to no experience) out of a hard cap of 3000 (veteran players), which means everybody with an mmr of 300 or lower would get matched together unless backfilling got involved.

    Now, the soft-cap is 600, which means the "beginner" pool that newcomers get matched up with got much bigger, this does a few things;

    Increases the chances of very casual players to get matched up with good players (although likely not pros).

    Less chances for beginners to end up against/with the same people.

    Smurf accounts are dealing with a larger pool of opponents.

    Overall higher chances for beginner Killers to end up against decent squads early.

  • Ginnypig
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    Softcasp raises mean you are facihng more survivors who do gens, at all costs, at any given moment.

    Its simple really

  • DemonDaddy
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    Well I guess that explains why im constently joining 3man p100 swfs now. Not my favorite survivor experience though I do enjoy the killers being more difficult.

  • TWS001
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    I'm noticeably playing with more survivors that do gens very efficiently it seems. Most games have had multiple escapes or been 4K for the killer with a gen remaining, barely a game where the killer stomps the lobby anymore. Been playing with way less survivors that seem to have no idea what's going on.

    Also have been on runs where every lobby has multiple TTV's, both killers and survivors.

    I've been enjoying it more recently, killers are normally very competent but having similarly competent survivors has made a nice change.

  • Mooks
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    I don’t think that’s how mmr in DbD work at all?

    you basically say there are two pools - below and above softcap and you can get matched with anyone in your pool?

    back when mmr got introduced Patrick (the former design team lead) explained the soft cap as the score when you surpass it, your score would basically still be counted as the softcap and you wouldn’t get matched against fitting players anymore but around the softcap since there wouldn’t be many players above the score.

    so really new beginners shouldn’t really be affected by softcap whatsoever but those that were around the previous softcap were matched against higher scored players while that shouldn’t be the case anymore.

    all that theoretically because mmr was also explained to be really soft in use at all as short queue times are prioritized over well matching scores..

  • UnusedAccount
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    Hey, as long as I can lobby dodge, they can raise the cap however high.

  • Avo
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    I think there needs to be a MMR checking feature.

  • Mandy
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  • Reinami
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    The opposite. Basically MMR/matchmaking has a "soft cap" before this change (we don't know what the new values are) the soft cap was 1600 mmr.

    This meant that, for matchmaking purposes, when you were say, 2k mmr, your "mmr" is set to 1600 for matchmaking purposes. This meant that once you hit 1600, you can be potentially matched with everyone at and above 1600.

  • FaktorLabor
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    I think the developers adjusted this super badly. Im an average player with average skill, and i won 3 of four games (3 kills or more). Now its the exact opposite or maybe even worse. With the weaker killers i feel like i didnt have any chance. Im on console too which makes things even worse because there is still no mouse and keyboard support which makes half of the killer roaster unplayable at high level for the average player.

  • Deathstroke
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    You should stream if you can do that your definetely almost ayrun level survivor.

  • Mooks
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    Not them but I think it would be great to see for the match how the MMR scores were relatively to eachother. So without giving the exact rating of each player nor your own score, you could see that your opponent/teammates were around your own mmr bracket or slightly/far above or below.

    that way, players could see if the matchmaking was actually in place or softened (bc too few players available or whatever reason). With anonymous mode, this should be left out for obvious reasons (harassment of content creators for something they don’t have influence of comes to mind)

  • HugTechLover
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    It’s really not hard to do if you have decent teammates. You definitely don’t have to be “ayrun level” lol.

  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
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    We'd love to know if there's a reason for NOT showing us. If we can have it, sweet! When? If not, can we know why the decision is to leave it blank to us? Thanks!

  • Seraphor
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    MMR is specifically designed to be hidden, it's precisely what sets it apart from the old rank system.

    Showing MMR causes placebo effect, it leads to confirmation biases, and allows players to attempt to game the system.

    It's not supposed to be a reward or goal, they specifically don't want players 'trying to increase their MMR', because it's supposed to be a natural gauge of a players 'likeliness to win', not a measure of skill.

    You make MMR known and it completely defeats the point of the system, we may as well go back to ranks.

  • edgarpoop
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    Nah, my gameplay isn't very interesting to watch. Not a huge market for survivors who play super sweaty like I do. People want to see loops and plays. Gave it a shot a while back but didn't enjoy it all much after a while even if I did ok viewer-wise. Made some really good friends at least.

  • Unknown2765
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    Thank you for both answering the question and explaing how it works, i appreciate it :)

  • tjt85
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    After a relatively unsweaty weekend, I think I might have done well enough to bump myself up to the next level of MMR.

    So now that we know the system has changed, I have some feedback.

    Overall I've found it to be a positive change, although there are some pluses and minuses.

    Survivor side, my teammates have improved a lot, but the skill and "seriousness" of the Killers I've faced has also increased quite a bit as well. I think I've seen more ebony moris today than I have in an entire week of playing! I think this must mean I'm still close enough to the skill cap to be matched with ultra competitve Killers, but probably not skilled enough to be able to beat them.

    Under the new adjusted system, lower ranking players should be protected from having to play against those same Killers. While this might make some games rougher for me because I'll be more likely to match with them, this is still a good thing. I would absolutely NOT want less experienced players to go up against the Oni I faced today that slugged and moried the entire team before a single gen even popped. Otherwise, the games were fairly balanced with chances for both sides.

    Killer side, I played a couple of games for a daily and had a pretty rough experience with Xeno and The Twins. No kills and very few hooks. I'm not the best at playing these Killers, but it felt to me like my opponents were around the same level that I would face when playing with my best Killers. Again, this is probably a positive because in theory, it should mean I won't be matched as often with lower ranking Survivors.

    Then I played a few games with my main. Again, the opponents were about the right level for me. But this time, my skill and experience with my best Killer (and some favourable maps) meant that I could compete and I won both of my games.

    The side effect of this? I think there might be a reduction in the variety of Killers that players will be willing to use regularaly. Difficult experiences with their lesser played Killers might push players back to the comfort zone of their mains. Or they may play enough to eventually find the right MMR for that particular Killer. I guess time will tell.

    Anyway, just a few of my thoughts.