What's wrong with nsp (legion addon)?

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I've started to play with a legion build that doesn't contain thanatophobia or anything like that but I use the never sleep pills, and I have a ton of fun because I just love to get consistent chains of hits and I of course use the other yellow addon (I have the game in spanish I don't know how is it called in english) to compensate the speed.

Since I started using them yesterday I got 12 death threats via ps chat, are they really that unfun to go against?


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    I think it’s a really fun add-on set to play with, miserable to face though.

    I went against one yesterday and it was horrible. Mended about 8 different times and it’s just a pure slog. Injure me, down and get on with it. The constant hit and run is depressing. I appreciate Legions who use it more to spread injury and to disengage chases, not just constantly keep everyone mending just because you can. It’s honestly hell in solo q. Completely hopeless as no one does gens and you’re just slowly waiting to die.

    Rant over, I just had to.

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    I used this add-on a lot when I first started playing Legion and I liked it a lot too. It's also pretty good to pair with Susie's Mixtape for the extra information you get from the wider Killer Instinct radius (one of the two green tape add-ons).

    Some players make the argument that Never Sleep Pills will give you bad habits because it will stop you getting a feel for the standard Feral Frenzy speed. So when you run out of pills, you won't be able to adjust your game play to compensate.

    Personally, I don't like having to start a frenzy at base speed, so that's why I don't run it anymore. I like to use frenzy to close the gap in chase. But you should play how you like. The fun part of learning a new Killer is experimenting with their add-ons.

    I'm sorry to hear you're getting horrible messages like that. Definitely report these players.

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    NSP is so easy to counter however people refuse to learn the counterplay still on 2023:

    only time where it gets annoying or UNFAIR is only against a group of babies refusing to stay injure and be productive instead of constantly healing and getting their team killed.

    so yeah , the addons is fair and fine as it is , no complains.


    -Force a pallet stun on the legion before it reaches the 5th chain hit. (1,2,3,4 doesnt matter a stun resets their power)

    -Hold W away from your teammates and pre-run as soon as you hear the TR and someone is on deep wound.

    -Never ever EVER heal unless you have to do a tradehook for someone.

    -99% your mending all the time and finish the action only when not in the legions TR.

    -Bodyblock the killer somewhere so they cant go for your team

    (3 seconds cooldown is more than enough for you to get to a safety place / tile)

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    I use NSP because I also run Dark Devotion+Gearhead for stealth rushing, and gives the obsession the choice of either following me and revealing others, but giving them a fair head start or running away and hoping my gearhead doesn't show anyone on a gen.

    Honestly it's kinda fun.

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    There is nothing wrong with Never-Sleep Pills. If anything, without Mural Sketch, it actively makes your power worse.

    Pay no mind to players who complain in post-game chat. Play the game however you like and make sure you report them! ^-^

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    It can be especially brutal in solo Q on smaller maps, it basically means your team mates will go down because it just takes 1 guy to make a mistake.