Chapter 30 Lobby background

Quizzy Member Posts: 509

I noticed during our times of testing ptb, we were still in the midchapter forest lobby. Do you guys think we will remain there once chapter 30 goes live? I hope we do get a change in scenery tho. Maybe that upcoming collaboration skin collection that dbd officially shown us on calendar will give us a unique background. Oh, I forgot what it was called. Lol


  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 13,582

    do normally see the chapter background in the PTB? Genuinely can’t remember rn, but the intro trailer is always the default one on PTB and only on release the new one after all..

  • Turretcube
    Turretcube Member Posts: 376

    There's a good chance there might be a lobby design change for the chapter, Hellraiser was the last solo chapter and it recieved a new lobby makeover. Granted not much was changed, just a chain here and there. They probably will do something, since they havn't missed one since Oni's release.