What is the probability of getting a Coldwind farm map?

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I keep getting Rancid Abattoir when I play killer and I hate it because of all the corn making it hard to see survivors and their scratch marks and the many strong loops ... it's a very survivor sided map. For some reason I get it much more when I play Clown. Guess it's karma for when I used map offerings to go there as a survivor.

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  • oxygen
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    Any Coldwind Farm map? 10.65%, as they're 5/47 maps in the game. Assuming the game rolls directly for map, if it rolls for realm first it's 5% like any other realm as it's 1/20 realms in the game.

    A particular one like Rancid Abbatoir in particular? Assuming the game rolls directly for map and not realm first and then map, ~2.13%, as that's 1/47 maps in the game.

    Assuming the game rolls for realm first and then map. 1/20 realms in the game followed by 1/5 maps in that realm, 0.05*0.2 = 0.01 = 1%

    All of this assumes there's no boosted pickrates in play of course.

  • Xernoton
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    If I'm not mistaken every realm has an equal chance to be picked. With 20 realms currently in the game that is a 5% chance to get any Coldwind map. With 5 Coldwind maps, that means you have a chance of 20% of 5% = 1% to get any one Coldwind map in particular.

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    If I remember correctly, I heard somewhere that the game chooses a realm first when deciding what map to have everyone go to. Meaning there’s just as likely a chance to go to a map like The Game which is the only map in its realm (Gideon Meat Plant), than it is to play on any of the 5 Coldwind maps combined.

    After it chooses a realm, it chooses a map. So again, for something like Gideon Meat Plant, it’s a 100% chance you go to The Game as it’s the only map in that realm. For something like Coldwind Farm, it’s a 20% toss up between the 5 different maps.

    I assume now that the game has recently introduced variations (so far only in Macmillan), now there’s a third factor after it chooses the map if it has Variation A or Variation B (50/50)