What New Game Modes would you like to see come to CORE Dbd?

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Hide n Seek (2v8 Prop Hunt) - Hopefully, one day, NetEase could spare us core players some of that Mobile bliss we be missing out on...

Hide n Seek (Guess Who?) - If you've played Garry's Mod, or watched videos of the Vanoss crew playing Garry's Mod, you'd that it would involve multiple characters roaming around the map. The only flaw I would see in this, is bots sand bagging and walking in places they shouldn't.

A REAL 2v8 Mode - I get there'd be balancing, but come on... 7 YEARS, and Mobile gets a 2v8 mode first? At this point the only issues I'd have with it is stuff like the Basement and what Chucky would look like caught in a Beartrap. (Would his soul make a barrier to protect him?) If 2v8 somehow makes Killers twice as strong, they could add weapons to fight back, non-lethal weapons like a rock, brick, or... a pocketknife... (Ft13th ptsd kicks in) And it could also be an excuse for Killers to be given stronger Addons, because Survivors tend to work best alone or in teams. We may or may not get to finally see a lore-accurate Nemesis with a rocket launcher... Or Xenomorph with facehuggers.

Last Man Standing - Basically "Real Hide n Seek Mode" The point of the game is usually "last man standing wins" or at least until the timer runs out, so there's two variations you could run with, you could go with this or...

INVASION MODE - Basically, that one Hide n Seek Mode; again, if you watched Vanoss videos, you know, you know. Basically, the match starts with 1-2 Seekers and certain number of Hiders, in this case it's 8-9. Hiders must keep out of sight from the Seeker, otherwise, if they get caught, the Seeker turns the Hider INTO ANOTHER SEEKER, and now they have to hunt their teammates. Basically, GMod Hide n Seek, or COD: Ghosts' Zombie Mode.

Paranoia/Deceit Mode - This is like Guess Who?, but different. If you've played a bit of 'Deceit', it's like that. And of course, Paranoia Mode was an anticipated Game Mode for the 'Friday the 13th' game, until you know what... Basically, the point of the game is that there are, say, 10 SURVIVORS, and 2 of them are secretly KILLERS. Face it, Dbd community, we'll probably never get a Shape-Shifter. Too many SWFs... THIS might do us justice for that possibility.

Hooked On You: Console Edition - For all you lonely soles without a PC... You could play it on either the Xbox, Playstation OR the Nintendo Switch. It could also be built into the DBD menu, just press it and you're now you're in the 'Hooked On You' menu.

What New Game Modes would you like to see come to CORE Dbd? 15 votes

Hide n Seek (2v8 Prop Hunt)
Hide n Seek (Guess Who?)
Smoe 1 vote
A REAL 2v8 Mode
GibberishGeneralV09SHARKBOSSCorvusCorax86DepressedlegionAstelXenRedspikeBafugabooAlix_RedfieldTommyDorkelson 10 votes
Last Man Standing
TheSingularity 1 vote
FilthyLegionRevival 1 vote
HerInfernalMajestyMarc_go_solo 2 votes
Hooked On You: Console Edition
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  • Gibberish
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    A REAL 2v8 Mode

    I'm not particularly interested in other game modes being added, but if they were to add one, a proper 2v8 mode is the only one that would actually be worthwhile to add.

    Everything else could just be played in other ways. Why play a janky DBD prophunt when I could just load up Garry's Mod or something instead? Why play a sloppily adapted DBD version of Deceit when I could just play Deceit instead?


    Being able to show off our survivors and killers in one game would be pretty cool. Legion Meg into actual Legion would be funny. Same thing with Paranoia mode but I can only choose one and this one allows more than just two to show off their cool fits.

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    A REAL 2v8 Mode

    the deceit mode as well

  • Alix_Redfield
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    A REAL 2v8 Mode

    2X8 REAL for sure, but I think Invasion can be a lot of fun, what we miss in many years of DBD and let all players participate till the end, so inclusive. Last man standing isnt that bad, but maybe boring if plays too much

  • Smoe
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    Hide n Seek (Guess Who?)

    Anything is honestly better than 2v8.