Looking for someone to have fun matches with

EffieS Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

I consider myself to be a rather decent player, there is always room for improvement especially when it comes to looping killers, against some I play like a total dork, but even then, I know what to do. All I want is to have some decent players and people who enjoy themselves and have fun in this rather toxic game. I work most of the time and this game will never be my priority, but when I play, I just want to have fun. If you want to add me, I do not have discord (I used to) and I most certainly not enjoy being in voice chat with people I don't know. I've met some rather weird people online, so bear with me and one day we can also try the voice communication thingy. my Instagram account is effie__stam and my steam account is on display there so feel free to add me if you like. Just don't be weird, please. (I live in Europe).