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So I'm wondering with all the big updates that go on should self care be buffed back to 50%? A lot of killers tend to bring sloppy butcher which slows down the healing dramatically, and if interrupted, you healing goes down. It's still a popular perk from statistics, but could those just include new players in those statistics?

Selfcare 42 votes

It should be buffed to 50% again
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No it's fine the way it is
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Neither but a buff is needed
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  • TheSingularity
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    No it's fine the way it is

    Most people always stack some other speed healing perk along with SC. Bumping it back to 50% would be redundant.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    No it's fine the way it is

    Maybe hot take, but imo it’s genuinely better for the game if Self-Care is bad.

    For self-healing to be balanced it either needs to be limited or very slow. Self-Care is unlimited.

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    It should be buffed to 50% again

    im here to make bad choises and cheer peeps up and nobody here is sad that i know of

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    No it's fine the way it is

    Health states are just too valuable to be recovered so rapidly.

  • caligraph
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    It should be buffed to 50% again

    If it is then it shouldnt be able to stack with healing speed.

  • saintjimmy456
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    Neither but a buff is needed

    Maybe something like self-care is more powerful if you have already healed somebody else? Bored of everybody in solo Q playing self-care and the game is 50% people hiding in corners healing themselves.

  • RareFantom47
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    Neither but a buff is needed

    And this is what it was like when Boon: Circle of Healing was before its nerf last year. Everyone would just go to the boon, heal up, and return to repairing gens. It's simplistic.

    But I like your idea, that you can only heal yourself after you've healed another Survivor for a certain amount. It'll kinda be like Second Wind, but with that perk, it just heals you. For Self-care, it could be "if you heal another Survivor for a full health state, you can heal yourself for 50% at the pace of a medkit." Something along the lines of that.

  • Selfpreservated
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    Neither but a buff is needed

    Self-care is only used because its a teachable perk for one of the main survivors wich leads to new survivors to use it frecuently

    if it was only experimented players it would drop the use of the perk cause how bad it is and because a medkit already fullfills all the players needs when it comes to healing

    i think it should be completely removed and changed to a totally new perk for claudette

  • Skillfulstone
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    No it's fine the way it is

    Sloppy Butcher is getting gutted into uselessness soon anyway (rip to the new players and free-to-play players that essentially only had Sloppy for anti-heal on weaker/M1 Killers, it's not like Nurse and Blight used it much) so healing is going to be easier across the board.

  • Alex_
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    Neither but a buff is needed

    I play both Killer and Survivor, so in my opinion it's a really difficult situation.

    On the one hand a strong self healing perks is easily OP, on the other hand I hate it when my soloq teammates do nothing but self-care...

    To be honest I would buff it a little, but nothing too crazy

  • MikeStev
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    No it's fine the way it is

    Please move on, use this perk instead.

  • OneAutumnLeaf
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    No it's fine the way it is

    Self care needs to stay bad so medkits actually mean something

  • Blueberry
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    No it's fine the way it is


    Healing has to slow down the game. It needs to take at least as much time as it takes the killer to get the hit.

    Self healing in dbd can never be “good” for the sake of balance. It isn’t healthy.

    You generally speaking need to force a time waste, be that very slow healing or fast but limited or taking two survivors combined time.

  • kiraqqu
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    It should be buffed to 50% again

    Self-care was already pretty bad before its nerf. You need to sacrifice like 2 perk slots on top of the perk itself to make it decent. The only problem is that since the nerf, most survivors have gotten smart enough to not run it. Before tons of survivors ran it, thinking it was a good perk, only to waste a perk slot and a somewhat huge amount of time in the end.

    Nowdays many survivors don't waste that perk slot, and rather run something actually decent. As a survivor, it makes me happy, but as someone who enjoys playing less strong killers, it kind of pains me. :D

  • Valik
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    Neither but a buff is needed

    The primary issue we see with the perk is when it is abused at high level play... but I personally think that "abusing" the perk for its benefit is much better than having it languish away with hardly being viable at all.

    Here is my proposed change:

    Make it take 20s flat to heal one's self (With a medkit)

    Self Care:

    You’ve tended your own wounds enough times to know how to get the job done with all but nothing.

    Able to heal yourself at any time. Self heal at 20/30/40% increased speed. Increased Medkit efficiency on self-heal by 20%.

    ’It won’t scar so badly if you treat it quickly!’ – Claudette Morel”

    This will make it less viable without a Medkit, but still good.

    50 second heal from full without a Medkit.14 second heal with one with a little juice in the tank for the next one. It works as intended, but is more valuable as both a personal aid tool and an altruistic one.