What is The Knights, aka, Torhas's Stance?

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Through the Knight's Lore we get to know that he experiended an Extreme amount of Violence with his Village literally being attacked and Massacred, with him surviving the Attack and feeling an un-desribable feeling known as "being in Awe."

So was he in Awe with the Violence? Did he like it and wanted more of it?

Because later on in his Tome he talks about Violence as a rather bad thing, that in their world, is just something that had to be done or else you would be left weak.

That there would be no World or Place without Violence as it was just the Natural Law and that Vittorio was stupid in believing in it, because he decided to keep his eyes "Shut from it".

Which could translate to him having had this horrible experience and not seeing the World in a Positive light. Aka, only seeing Darkness.

What my Question here is:

Is he a broken Killer that does these things out of his Survival Instincts or From the Time Period he came from?

Is he doing this because it has always been that way and he knows no different?

Or does he do it out of Pleasure and is just, as described by the Guys trying to bring the Guardia Compagnia down "A Purest form of Evil?" Like: Herman Carter (The Doctor) or The Legion?