Legends Among Men Chapter Idea

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So, this one is a little out there and would require a collaboration no one would ever think would happen. A WWE character as a new Killer in DBD. That character being, The Fiend.

Now, my main reason for coming up with this chapter is that Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) was my favourite superstar in the bizarre world of Professional Wrestling. His death was a massive shock and immortalising his greatest creation in the Fog (the place for horror icons), would be amazing. Anyway, here is my concept for how The Fiend would work in the Fog:

The Fiend

Movement Speed: 4.6m/s

Height: Average

Terror Radius: 24m

Power: Let Him In

The power of The Fiend inside the WWE Universe is as scary as it is mysterious. Those it comes into contact with have their darker side unlocked within them. Now unleashed into the Fog, The Fiend is hellbent on spreading it's twisted destruction to all those unlucky to come across Him.

As the trial progresses and The Fiend inflicts punishment on the Survivors, The Fiend grows more powerful. Every time a Survivor is injured by a Basic Attack, placed into dying by a Basic Attack or when a Survivor heals another Survivor to healthy, the Hurt Or Heal power gauge fills up.

Special Ability: Hurt Or Heal

When the power gauge is full, press the Power button to activate Hurt Or Heal. Hurt Or Heal has a duration of 120 seconds. While Hurt Or Heal is active The Fiend gains the Undetectable status effect and all Survivors hear a constant jarring alarm (the same sound used when The Fiend sneak attacked other WWE Superstars) and the whole map becomes lit up in red for Survivors, The Fiend's vision remains the same. When a Survivor is placed into dying during Hurt Or Heal, every other Survivor's location is revealed via Killer Instinct for 3 seconds.

Hooking a Survivor during Hurt or Heal refills the power gauge by 20%.

Anytime a Survivor is performing a heal action during Hurt Or Heal, the power gauge timer is slowed by 50%.


Hex: Yowie Wowie - The Firefly Funhouse has unleashed you into the Universe. Pain and destruction await all those who have wronged you.

Whenever a Survivor blinds you or stuns you by any means, they suffer from 5% Hindered for 10 seconds. You recover from blinds and all stuns 20% faster.

"Let me in." - The Fiend

Sister Abigail's Kiss - She has guided you your entire life. Now she guides you through the Fog.

When you are moving through a Survivor's scratch marks, but not currently chasing a Survivor, you gain a 5% Haste status effect.

All scratch marks appear brighter and remain in the environment 5 seconds longer.

"Your fate sealed. Sealed by Sister Abigail's kiss." - Bray Wyatt

World In Your Hands - You've got the whole wide world in your hands. The Entity cannot control you as much as it would like to.

After you have hooked all Survivors at least once and one Survivor has been sacrificed, this perk activates.

While active, all Survivors suffer from Blindness, Mangled and Hemorrhage for the remainder of the trial.

Gain the ability to kill Survivors by your own hand.

"Now I truly have the whole damn world in my hands." - Bray Wyatt


Funhouse Giant Mallet

Legendary Cosmetics:

Funhouse Bray Wyatt (Fiend)

Burned Fiend (Fiend)

Funhouse Alexa Bliss (Legion Julie)

Mori: 1/2 (Fiend cosmetic applied)

The Fiend listens to the guiding voices of Hurt and Heal, throws himself backwards and uses his hands and feet while bent backwards to move towards the Survivor. It then proceeds to use the Mandible Claw to suffocate and choke the Survivor to death. Crawling backwards The Fiend then raises his arms wide as the screen goes black in synchronization with the jarring audio (synonymous with The Fiend disappearing from ringside) only for the lights to come back on and the Survivor's body to be gone.

2/2 (Funhouse Bray Wyatt cosmetic applied)

Bray laughs and raises the mallet above his head, the Funhouse Puppets all appear, Rambling Rabbit says "No, dude. Stop." Abby The Witch says "You woke me from my nap for this!?" Mercy The Buzzard says "Mmm, this'll be good!" Huskus The Pig says "Ohh zis chocolate iz delicious!" All before Bray slams the Mallet down on the Survivor's head.

Legion Mori (Funhouse Alexa Bliss cosmetic applied)

Alexa swings joyfully in her playground then gets off and says "Let. Him. In!" She then shoots a flare into the Survivor's face burning and killing them.

Menu Theme:

An instrumental of The Fiend's entrance theme plays in the background but with the addition of the DBD twist we've all grown familiar with, along with the menu aesthetic being the Firefly Funhouse. The animation of The Fiend shows him raise both hands to his ears displaying the Hurt-Heal gloves.


Firefly Funhouse Logo

WWE Universal Fiend Championship Belt