New Killer Idea: The Shapeshifter

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KILLER: The Shapeless Beast

Physical description: Looks like SCP-090, a human with colorless skin, completely white eyes, no hair, long and sharp fingers, and long fangs on his upper jaw because he has no lower jaw, his tongue is hanging out. His feet are almost just like his hands, 4 long and sharp toes with a long sharp thumb-toe on each foot.

Speed: 4.6 m/s

Terror radius: 32 m

Height: Medium

Backstory: Rumen Hristov, a poor man from Bulgaria living in rural America, joined a US military project to raise money for his equally poor family. Through all the hardships, Rumen sacrificed his life to become a monster. He was held in solitary confinement by the military as the illness he got claimed his life. But another scientist didn't want him to die, seeing the potential he and the army needed. But when the scientist would finally find a solution to keep him alive, Rumen took an opportunity to flee away, killing the scientist by the way, he was now finally free. However, the solution to Rumen's disease presented him with a new problem. In the future, Rumen must quench his thirst for blood in order to survive.


After going through a ton of experiences, Rumen became a disfigured monster with inhuman capacities, he became a beast.

 Main Ability: Shapeshifting

While you’re chasing a survivor, you will slowly absorb his blood. When you hurt a survivor, you will get a lot of his blood. If you have enough of a survivor’s blood, you will be able to select him on the ATH by pressing the main ability button and then shapeshift into him by holding the main ability button. Doing so you will lose his blood and get the undetectable status effect for as long as you remain in that body. While transformed, you will be able to do anything the appropriate survivor can do except using the equipped item(running, crouching, using his equipped perks ect…). Press the attack button(or the button to use the equipped item as a survivor) to turn back to your original form, doing so will take 3s, will slow down nearby survivors by 4% and will lock nearby survivors’ camera onto you until you finish transforming.

  • Clones

When standing on a down survivor, if you have enough of his blood, hold the main ability button to absorb his body and clone him. To the eyes of all the survivors, you will be picking up the down survivor. Once his body is absorbed, a clone of that survivor will immediately replace him while the said survivor will turn invisible to every other survivor without being aware of it, only you will see that survivor and that survivor cannot see the clone, that will last until the clone goes. You will still be able to carry the clone and hook him like a normal survivor. As long as the clone is still there you can take control of him and will see his aura. While the clone isn’t controlled, it will mimic any action done by its corresponding survivor. By pressing the second ability button while looking at a clone’s aura, you will control it, letting your original body disappear. While controlling a clone, you will gain the undetectable status effect and be able to do anything the appropriate survivor can do except using the equipped item(running, crouching, using his equipped perks ect…). When close enough to that survivor, press the attack button(or the button to use the equipped item as a survivor) to instantly mimic any actions done by the survivor, press again to stop. Press and hold the attack button to turn back to your original form. Doing so will take 3s, will slow down nearby survivors by 4% and will lock nearby survivors' cameras onto you until you finish transforming. After doing this, the clone will disappear and the appropriate survivor will get spawned to another location. 

There can only be one clone at a time in the map. Creating a clone will kill any other existing one.

  • Sabotaging

As a fake survivor/clone, you can sabotage a generator by pressing and holding the attack button for a few seconds while repairing a generator. Doing so your character will play a slightly different animation than the usual repairing animation. Depending on how long you manage to sabotage a generator, a little or big repair malus will be applied to it.

For each second sabotaging a generator, it’s repairing speed is reduced by 5%(50% maximum) until 12s after a real survivor touches it. If you sabotage it more than 2s, once you finish sabotaging it, the generator will explode and lose 3% of it’s progress per each more seconds sabotaging it. But if the survivors repairing the generator with you notice the sabotaging and stop repairing it before you finish sabotaging, or that you are repairing the generator alone, it won’t explode.

The survivor you shapeshifted into/whose clone you control doesn’t count.

Making a generator explode by sabotaging it will speed up your bloodthirst.

  • Bloodthirst

Bloodthirst will start affecting you after controlling a clone or turning into a survivor for 40s. When affected by bloodthirst, your survivor body gets a little black aura around it that can be seen by survivors around you. It cannot be seen through walls and will progressively get thicker. It will also progressively bring your terror radius back and slow you down a little bit.

  • To help you shapeshift discreetly after hooking a survivor, you will get the undetectable status effect for 15s. You will be alerted if any survivor has a line of sight on you during that time.

Second Ability:  Pounce

You start the match with 3 tokens. Hold the ability key to use your first token and charge a big pounce forwards, once charged enough, press the attack button to pounce 8 meters forward when the pounce is charged at minimum, and 14 meters forwards when it’s fully charged. To be able to use the remaining tokens, you have to collide with a wall during the pounce, you will strive on it and climb it, allowing you to crawl on the wall for 4s before falling on the ground, falling and getting up from your fall will take 2s. While climbing a wall, you can use your remaining tokens to pounce again until you use all your tokens.

  • Charging a pounce takes at least 0.6s, and each 0,2s increases the pounce distance by 1 meter.
  • Each time you use a token in a row, you will pounce forwards 4 meters less. 

I don’t have any perks idea for this killer right now and I don’t think I will try to find some considering how long this post already is. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, I don’t usually speak english.

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