Lawyer Survivor Concept (Phoenix Wright)

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(kind of a joke concept but not really)

New Survivor: Phoenix Wright

Defender of the innocent, focused on impeding the Killer's attack.

Unique Perks: (no numbers shown because I'm not a game balance person)


Whenever you stun the killer while he's carrying another survivor, increase the duration of the stun effect.

Order in the Court

When the killer hits you with a basic attack, gain endurance for a few seconds. If the killer hits you again in that time, triggering endurance, this perk deactivates afterwards.

Present Evidence

While within the killer's terror radius, you can throw an item you are currently holding, triggering an effect similar to Adam Francis's pebble perk. Additionally, if you hit the killer with the thrown item, they suffer a movement speed penalty for a few seconds. Throwing an item causes it to lose some charges.