How many Entities?

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If I recall, the Entity can pull survivors and killers from various universes and timelines.

Is there only one Entity that can do this, or does each universe/timeline have its own Entity?

If so, can it communicate with itself? Does it compete with itself?

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    The Entity exist as only as one entity, same way that many other eldritch horrors that can be found in things such as in lovecraft country mythology like C'thulhu exist solely as one entity only.

    Of The Entity I know little, if anything at all. What I have witnessed and concluded through my imprisonment within its timeless living boundaries, is The Entity seems to move through the cosmos like a primordial Titan. An incomprehensible Serpent of Chaos, consuming people and worlds for reasons I cannot even begin to comprehend... and won't even try. -Arcus 7

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    There's no evidence given that other Entities exist in a similar vein to this one. Or, at least, that's all the information that can be found within the realms.

    The people within are fed information from the Entity, which appears all-knowing, yet may also be conjuring this idea to make people believe there are no others.

    Ultimately, the information given is restricted to what the Entity has within the realm ot creates. How much of this is real and how much is manipulation we do not know. The Entity is as strong a manipulator and interestingly shows a lack of understanding of the purpose of things, shown through the maps within the realms. This always interests me that a god-like parasite, which feasts on so many Earths of different dimensions and invades the lives of people within with clever manipulation, cannot understand how structures work. There's a weakness there.

    I like the idea that it is massively powerful, yet also is potentially weaker than it wishes to make itself out to be.


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    Entity is only one being, the thing is he's multiversal, he's out of space and out of time, all of this confirmed by the devs and hence why we see the diversity in characters in the realm, from olden times, universes where some things are movies and games, but in others they're a real (this is the case of Feng Min's universe where RE and Slient Hill exist as videogames, but she later find these characters in the realm taken from an universe where they're real)