Chapter Concept: Persecution of the Fog

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Killer - The Immortal

Killer Data

Power - Unending Organism

  • Heat of Hell
  • Undying Intensity
  • Add-ons
  • Iridescent Add-ons


  • Ferocity
  • Shade of the Titan
  • Hex: Passing of a Millennium

Map - Desolate Caverns

Map Data

Killers and the Map

Killer - The Immortal

Killer Data

Name: Eira Shin

Overview: The Immortal is a suffering Killer, inflicting its pain on anyone it crosses. Its personal perks burn the Survivors and the very realm they walk on.

Speed: 4.6 m/s (115%)

Terror Radius: 40 meters

Height: Tall

Sound Effects: The Immortal is incredibly loud. Its footsteps are clearly audible when nearby, uses of its power constantly release map-wide screams, and it screams even as it initiates the action to break a pallet. This all gives Survivors advanced warning of what the Immortal is doing.

Power: Unending Organism

Through thousands of years of life, the Immortal has found itself invincible and infinite. With its destructive Heat of Hell to decimate anything in its sight, and Undying Intensity to show that it didn't live so long just by luck, the Immortal breaks anyone with sheer force alone.

Primary Power: Heat of Hell

Through holding the Power Button for 2 seconds, during which time the Immortal moves at 1.8 m/s, it can initiate Heat of Hell. Heat of Hell is cancelable at any time by releasing the Power Button. During the entirety of Heat of Hell's use, the Immortal is slowed to 0.5 m/s. No actions can be performed by the Immortal during Heat of Hell's use.

During the first 5 seconds of Heat of Hell, the entire terrain within the Immortal's line of sight is scorched in heat as the Immortal charges the next part of Heat of Hell. All Survivors in this range see a bright yellow aura of the Immortal as they hear it scream, signaling the activation of Heat of Hell. During this time, the Repair and Healing Action speeds of all Survivors in this cone are reduced by 50%. This lasts for 5 seconds after the Survivor leaves the area. The Immortal can only move its head at 15 degrees per second.

For the next 5 seconds, the Immortal releases a bellow of smoke from its mouth with a roar, blocking the entire area in the aforementioned cone in smoke. All Survivors in the area are afflicted with the Oblivious Status Effect for 30 seconds. The Action speed penalties and the Immortal's limited motion still apply.

For the final 5 seconds, the smoke is replaced with fire as the entire area in the cone ignites, revealing all Survivors in that area with Killer Instinct for 10 seconds. Once the full 5 seconds have included, all Survivors currently in the area take 1 health state of damage. All previously mentioned effects still apply until the conclusion of this final stage.

After Heat of Hell concludes, regardless of if it concluded naturally or was cancelled, all dropped pallets and breakable walls that were within the affected area become breakable 20% faster for 10 seconds per second they were in the affected area. "Scorched" pallets and breakable walls are marked with a visual change that makes them appear burned.

Heat of Hell has a 4 second cooldown per each second of its use. This cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds each time the Immortal breaks a pallet or breakable wall.

Secondary Power: Undying Intensity

Unending Organism starts with 0 charges. 1 charge is gained each time the Immortal destroys a pallet or breakable wall. 1 charge can be expended by holding the Active Ability Button for 0.6 seconds, during which time the Immortal is slowed to 3.6 m/s, after which time the Immortal screams, alerting all Survivors within 40 meters that Undying Intensity is active. After this is done, Undying Intensity activates for 20 seconds, granting the following benefits:

  • The Immortal cannot be stunned or blinded.
  • The Immortal breaks pallets and breakable walls in 1.405 seconds, rather than 2.34 seconds. During Undying Intensity, the Immortal gains no charges for Unending Organism.
  • When a Survivor is downed, Undying Intensity immediately ends and Heat of Hell fully recharges, regardless of its current cooldown.


  • Initiating Heat of Hell takes 0.2/0.3/0.4 fewer seconds.
  • The first stage of Heat of Hell is 1 second longer; the final stage of Heat of Hell is 2 seconds shorter. The recharge of Heat of Hell takes 4 seconds longer.
  • The Action speed penalty of Heat of Hell is increased by 2/4/6%.
  • Heat of Hell recharges 1/2 seconds more after damaging a pallet.
  • Generators in the area of the third stage of Heat of Hell for 3 or more seconds are blocked by the Entity for 15 seconds.
  • The Immortal begins a Trial with 1 charge of Unending Organism. While activating Undying Intensity, the Immortal is slowed by an additional 0.2 m/s.
  • After damaging a Survivor while Undying Intensity is active, the Immortal gains a 5% Haste Status Effect for 10 seconds.
  • Increases the duration of Undying Intensity by 3/4/5 seconds.
  • For the first 10 seconds of Undying Intensity, the Immortal gains the Undetectable Status Effect.
  • When destroying a pallet that would have stunned the Immortal during this Undying Intensity, that pallet is destroyed in 1.17 seconds rather than 1.405.

Iridescent Add-ons

  • Fractured Fragment

A part of the door you hid behind, until you were taken to this place.

After the third stage of Heat of Hell concludes, the Immortal gains a 50% Haste Status Effect for 10 seconds. During this time, your Aura remains revealed to Survivors.

  • Marble Glasses

A relic representing your only source of hope throughout your life. Now it serves only to grow your hopelessness.

Destroying a pallet during Undying Intensity gains the Immortal 1 "red stack". At the end of this Undying Intensity, 1 red stack is consumed and you gain 1 charge for Unending Organism. Using Heat of Hell consumes 1 red stack for each stage that is entered during that use (a stage is treated as "entered" even if its duration is skipped in its entirety by red stacks).

For each red stack, the duration of the first stage of Heat of Hell is reduced by 2 seconds. If the duration of the first stage reaches 0 seconds, additional red stacks will reduce the duration of the second stage of Heat of Hell by 1 second instead, to a minimum duration of 1 second.

Red stacks are displayed directly below Unending Organism's charges on the power display, in red as opposed to the charges, which are displayed in white.


  • Ferocity

Your pain turns to hate.

  • You no longer gain the Bloodlust Status Effect.
  • At the start of a chase with a Survivor, all Survivors within your Terror Radius will scream and reveal their current location to you for 4 seconds.

Ferocity has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds.

  • Shade of the Titan

Life trembles under your shadow.

Performing the Damage Generator Action on a Generator triggers Shade of the Titan:

  • All Survivors within 24 meters of your position become affected by Shade of the Titan for 40/50/60 seconds.
  • When an affected Survivor interacts with a Generator they are faced with a difficult Skill Check.
    • Failing that Skill Check instantly regresses the Generator by 5% of its maximum possible Progression in addition to the default Progression penalty.
    • Whether or not the Skill Check is hit, the Survivor is afflicted with a 10% Action Speed penalty to Repairing for the remaining duration of Shade of the Titan.

  • Hex: Passing of a Millennium

The days bleed together, as do this world's ichor and your very soul.

Whenever a Generator is completed, if there is still a Dull Totem remaining on the Map, Hex: Passing of a Millennium activates and lights it.

For each Hex Totem of Hex: Passing of a Millennium active at the same time (max. 1/2/3), Hex: Passing of a Millennium gains an additional effect:

  • 1 Totem: Survivors that are Unhooked gain the Broken Status Effect for 60 seconds.
    • The Aura of the blocked Generator is revealed to you in white during this time.
  • 2 Totems: The first Totem of Hex: Passing of a Millennium is blocked by the Entity. Generators have their progress revealed by the intensity of their Auras.
  • 3 Totems: The second Totem of Hex: Passing of a Millennium is blocked by the Entity. The Entity blocks the Generator with the least progression.

Hex: Passing of a Millennium remains inactive if no Dull Totems are available.

Map - Desolate Caverns

Map Data

The map would be approximately 2,150 square meters in area, but have practically 4 different stories to traverse. Traversing between each of them takes minimal time, especially going from the top down as the center of the map is hollow, allowing for Killers and Survivors both to fall from the topmost floor all the way to the bottom. 2 generators would spawn on each floor, relatively close to areas that allow for a change in elevation.

The setting would be a large, cavernous expanse underground, with various stalagmites and stalactites complicating the structure of the caves. Many old, decrepit buildings exist at the top levels but the bottom two levels are practically made only of natural stone.

The Killer Shack will always spawn on the topmost floor, and the main building - the Immortal's Tomb - will always spawn on the bottom floor. The Immortal's Tomb is a strong structure, but lacks reliable line-of-sight blockers from above, as it lacks a ceiling. Generators will not spawn within the structure, but may spawn against its walls. 1 pallet, akin to the one on the upper floor of the Temple of Purgation, is always guaranteed to spawn alongside this structure, as is a strong - but not ridiculous - window on the other side of the building.

Due to the elevation, Balanced Landing would be a very strong perk on this map.

Desolate Caverns and the Killers

Trap-based Killers such as Trapper and Hag would have the challenge of setting up because of their lack of mobility, but the upper floors would be incredibly difficult to play through with well-placed traps.

Stealth Killers would have the significant advantage of added mobility through the central dropdown, and stalking Killers would be able to stalk Survivors from above, giving them a valuable vantage point.

High mobility Killers such as Hillbilly and Blight would be able to traverse the map with relative ease, but structures on the upper floors would restrict usage of the power.

Additional notes are that, generally, the layout of the map restricts the abilities of stronger Killers while giving unique boons to weaker ones. Nurse would struggle navigating between floors easily without wasting blinks, but Clown can straight up loop across different floors due to the arc of his bottles.

The Immortal would be less linear in gameplay than on most maps, as it will need to position itself intelligently to maximize Heat of Hell's effectiveness, while also not having a ton of fuel for Undying Intensity as pallets aren't notably plentiful.