New Status Ideas

Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,654

These are some new status effect ideas which may add some spicy moments or interesting tactics within the Trials. Just looking at some possible options:

Inefficient: Survivors burn items 100% faster than usual.

Charmed: Survivors reveal the any Survivor they are within 4m of via Killer Instinct for 3 seconds to the Killer. Effect repeats whenever the Survivor moves further than 4m away then back to within 4m.

Deafened: Survivor/Killer has all sound removed.

Panicked: Survivor gains 7% haste, but the screen goes into deep black and bright whites (heavy desaturation and contrast) and the controller vibration becomes heavier (if on). The Survivor can stumble and will scream, revealing their location arbitrarily.

Barrier: Survivors are unaffected by any Special Killer attacks which may otherwise injure or cause them to be affected (sickness, torment, etc.). Does not protect against basic attacks.

Fortified: Killers gain an additional 10% recovery speed to any stun, blind or successful attack which results in the Survivor going into Deep Wound because of Endurance.

Burnt: Survivors face difficult Skill Checks only when performing any conspicuous action, even if that action doesn't normally produce Skill Checks. Skill Checks are 10% more common.

Dazed: All Survivor/ Killer Perks deactivate whilst they are Dazed.

Luckless: Survivors have a low chance of having an instant failed Skill Check, can only find brown items in a chest (lower chance of finding nothing at all), or will stumble and scream, revealing their location and becoming Hindered. Killers have a low chance of failing to break a pallet/door, receive a 2 second stun for a missed attack, or reveal their aura briefly (even if undetectable).

Marked: Survivors reveal Killer Instinct at regular intervals.

Focused: Survivor Skill Checks are 10% slower and the Great zones are 10% larger and grant an additional 1% progress.

Rage: Killers move 4% faster, have a 30% quicker cooldown from missed attacks and has a low chance of successfully putting a healthy Survivor into the Dying state. However, all Perks or Powers which reveal Survival locations (aura, Killer Instinct, notifications) will not activate during Rage.

Confused: Survivor/ Killer direction controls are inverted.