Random Poll: What Non/Semi-Horror Chapter would you rather see in Dbd?

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DBD x The Boys - The Homelander, Billy Butcher and Vought Tower. Cosmetics for the Homelander would be him in his Comics costume, for other Killers, Billy can be A-Train, Legion can be Black Noir, and Doctor can be the male version of Stormfront from the comics. Haddie could probably be the female Stormfront. As for other Survivors, Dwight can be Hughie, Kate can be Starlight, Renato can be Frenchie, Adam can be MM and Yui can be Kimiko (or "The Female", as name in the show). And of course, David could also cosplay Butcher.

DBD x Arkham Asylum / The Dark Knight - The Joker, Bruce Wayne (Batman), and The Batcave. Batman's Legendary Set can be Cat Woman and Harley Quinn. Outfits for Killers - Trickster can be The Riddler, Blight can be either Scarecrow or The Penguin, and The Deathslinger can be Two-Face. While for the Survivors, Dwight can be Robin, Kate can be Harley Quinn, Meg Batgirl, Jake Nite Wing, David Red Hood and Vittorio can be Commissioner Gordon.

DBD x Venom/Carnage - The Symbiote (Venom), Peter Parker (Spider-Man), and The Daily Bugel HQ. Venom's Legendary Set can be Carnage. Peter's Legendary's of course can by Miles Morales, Mary Jane (Preferably not Spider-Man 2 Jane, thanks.), and, the man, the myth, Jonah J. Jamison Jr., preferably voiced and modeled after J.K. Simmons. For the Killers, Skull Merchant can be Green Goblin as a Legendary Set, along with Electro for Doctor, not sure who Doc Oc would be.

DBD x Scooby-Doo - Shaggy Rogers as the Survivor, preferably voiced and modeled after Matthew Lillard. Have his Legendary Sets be all three of the other Mystery Incorperated, and have Jeff wear a Scooby-Doo Onesie.

DBD x Lara Croft - PLEASE, don't "Modernize" her, make her look like Lara Croft. You got Skull Merchant, what's stopping you...?

DBD x Gremlins - Billy Peltzer as Survivor, have Gizmo on his back as maybe a Lobby animation, make Stripe base Killer. Chucky's in the game now. Have all the Gremlins form into a Mighty Morphing Megasword to pick up and hook Survivors.

DBD x JOHN WICK - Needs no explanation.

DBD x WEDNESDAY - Again, nothing to explain here.

DBD x Hack/Slash - Cassie Hack as solo Survivor. Had plenty of Horror collabs in its lifetime.

DBD x Elvira - Know nothing about her, except she's iconic in the horror industry.

DBD x SCARY MOVIE - Brenda Meeks is all yeah need, and I guess Cindy as well. Possibly with Shorty and Ray as Legendaries. Although, I'd probably wait until they actually obtain the SCREAM franchise first, but it's up to them. It'd add more humor to the game. So, once you get Sidney, top it off with "CINDEY". Know what I mean...?

Random Poll: What Non/Semi-Horror Chapter would you rather see in Dbd? 24 votes

Guiltii 1 vote
Batman and The Joker
tenoresaxaeonskulMARChunkTommyDorkelson 4 votes
Shaggy Rogers / Scooby-Doo
TheSingularityAlix_Redfieldares_theos7 3 votes
TOMB RAIDER's Lara Croft
SmoeThe_YoshCorvusCorax86Bafugaboo 4 votes
John Wick
Chiky 1 vote
Wednesday Addams
Marc_go_sologothiclolitiaPoonMePapaallysoncamara 4 votes
ChordycepsDhurl421Headerhalcyondays9309SHARKBOSSBooperDooperSkitten56 7 votes
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  • TheSingularity
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    Shaggy Rogers / Scooby-Doo

    I don't know what kind of spot the Scooby Doo IP has with DBD but it deserves something.

  • The_Yosh
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    I would LOVE a "The Walking Dead" crossover. There are enough good and bad guys in it to make it viable.

  • jonifire
    jonifire Member Posts: 976

    I‘m for Venom/ carnage. You forget them to add in the vote.

  • OrangeBear
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  • Smoe
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    Any none horror related IPs should either only be added as cosmetics and nothing more or just not be added at all, superhero stuff especially.

  • Chiky
    Chiky Member Posts: 598
    John Wick

    John Wick because I want Keanu Reaves lol

    but 110% scary movie

  • gothiclolitia
    gothiclolitia Member Posts: 35

    as a goth and a horror movie lover having elvira would make me so happy but on the flip side id love to have john wick, lara croft, scooby doo and hack/slash due to the fact chucky could have a lore accurate survivor also scary movie so we can have brenda and shorty

  • Bafugaboo
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    Give me Spike from gremlins in a wintry Christmas town from the first film please.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,654

    Most have appeal, but I'm going to go with a real horror icon from the 1980s.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 929

    honestly i want all the scary movies in dbd

    "grab my good hand"

  • Alix_Redfield
    Alix_Redfield Member Posts: 3
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  • ares_theos7
    ares_theos7 Member Posts: 20
    Shaggy Rogers / Scooby-Doo

    I just want to use 1% of Shaggy's Power.