Are you main killer or survivor?

Donkeybqlls Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 66

I'm just curious who's dwelling this forum

Are you main killer or survivor? 43 votes

+80% killer
glitchboiChikyKatsuhxPMechWarrior3RareFantom47nemesis_mainmahiroa 7 votes
Mostly killer
HerInfernalMajestyGeneralVtenoresaxNAERUUUOrangeBear09SHARKBOSSjonifireDninja92 8 votes
About 50/50
oxygenSlamitieMarc_go_solofussyOptxThe_YoshCypheriusgothiclolitiaDepressedlegionporphyraBlue3x5 11 votes
Mostly survivor
MrPenguinAlen_StarklyDhurl421Viktor1853GuiltiiDonkeybqllsCorvusCorax86TheSingularityAstelFeikeiAlix_RedfieldallysoncamaraTommyDorkelson 13 votes
+80% survivor
Atsuka_Anarchyhumanbeing1704crystalkittiKarth 4 votes


  • Chiky
    Chiky Member Posts: 598
    +80% killer

    I find survivoe extremwly boring so I only play if for the tome challenges sometimes

  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity Member Posts: 1,299
    Mostly survivor

    I really enjoy both roles but tend to play more survivor (even more with good teammates).

  • oxygen
    oxygen Member Posts: 3,241
    About 50/50

    Forever riding some bizarre pendulum going from 70/30 split in one direction to the same split in the other. At the moment I'm pretty close to right in the middle, probably something like 60/40 survivor/killer?

  • gothiclolitia
    gothiclolitia Member Posts: 35
    About 50/50

    not even going to lie i been playing survivor way more recently as killer is way 2 stressful atm with gens constantly popping off and if you make one or two mistakes it’s gg

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,654
    About 50/50

    The only way for me. It would be too dull for me to be playing mainly one side.

  • fussy
    fussy Member Posts: 846
    edited January 15
    About 50/50

    BP bonus mostly decides who i play on recently.

    Survivors are way more chill, more diversity in builds, more forgiving and more fun, but killers are more exciting and challenging for me. Killer role also depends mostly on you, and survivors depend from each other.

  • alaenyia
    alaenyia Member Posts: 592

    Survivor is more exciting in my opinion because you have more at stake. I play killer to take a break because it is nice to just be able to go wherever you want with no fear of reprisal. I also have almost all killer dailies because DbD likes to only give you dailies for roles/characters you don't normally engage with.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
    HerInfernalMajesty Member Posts: 588
    Mostly killer

    Mostly Killer if I want to play a lot for the whole match or if I just want to play relaxed and give the Survivors a scary game.

    I play Survivor when I want to play serious or to test my looping/chase skills. Or if I just want to play good old hide and seek.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 929
    Mostly killer

    i actually play moresurv recently but i count myself as a killer and im going back to mostly killer

    personally love the murdr portion of the game

  • KatsuhxP
    KatsuhxP Member Posts: 86
    +80% killer

    I just love the feeling of playing killer so that's what i do most of the time. I basically only play survivor with friends.

  • Karth
    Karth Member Posts: 79
    +80% survivor

    Its kind of unfair for killers to not have a forfeit button no? while survivors just can off themselves on first / second hook and be in a match in seconds where the killers have to actually wait for their lost game for 10 minutes, its rough for me atleast, so survivor it is!