New Killer Idea : The Pharaoh

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This is just an idea for a new killer I came up with.

The Pharaoh

Power: Unravel

At the start of the match a number of sarcophagi spawn on the map. (ideally 6 and no less than 4) The Pharaoh spawns out of a sarcophagus moving at 4m/s, a two minute timer for Unravel starts counting down, as it counts down The Pharaohs movement speed is increased by 0.1m/s every 10 seconds, when the counter reaches 0 The Pharaoh despawns and respawns at a random sarcophagus, or if a survivor is on a hook the farthest sarcophagus from that hook.

When The Pharaoh respawns they gain the undetectable status for 40 seconds, after their undetectable status wears off their terror radius slowly expands, by 4 meters every 10 seconds, reaching a maximum of 32 meters.

Active power 1. The Pharaoh can use their power to remove bandages, removing 10 seconds from their timer, and increasing their movement speed by 0.1m/s, at the cost of increasing their next respawn action by 1 second, the base respawn action takes 4 seconds.

Active power 2. The Pharaoh can target a desired sarcophagus and manually despawn, spawning at the desired sarcophagus instead of a randomly selected one. This has a 60 second cooldown.

The Pharaoh is not affected by hindered or haste effects from survivor or killer perks.


Hex: ancient traps.

When a survivor finishes repairing a generator, unlocking a chest or sabotaging a hook a dull totem is activated into a hex totem.

For each active hex totem associated with this perk any time a survivor finishes repairing a generator, unlocking a chest or sabotaging a hook they receive the following debuffs

1 totem : blindness/deafened for 16 seconds

2 totems: exhausted status for 16 seconds

3 totems: 10% hindered effect for 16 seconds

4 totems: exposed status for 16 seconds


Survivors outside of the killers terror radius receive a 10% reduction to generator repair speeds.

Survivors inside the killers terror radius receive a 10% increase to generator repair speeds.

Cat's eyes

A survivor completing a cleanse or bless action on a totem becomes exposed for 20 seconds and has their aura shown to the killer for 5 seconds.


  • Vithar
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    It would be quite hard, and strategic killer. We have two minutes limit (probably paused if we carry a survivor). In this limit we begin as sneaky one (with undetectable) gaining speed becoming relentless chaser. Very refreshing concept.

    I'm not sure if he isn't too fast on the last 30 seconds, especially when he can speed up himself by removing bandages. Having over 5.5 m/s could make it impossible to run from him. Although gaining speed every 15 seconds would make him a bit too slow for a non-ranged killer – I think this matter might be regulated by bloodlust gain capped on 130% of survivor's speed possible to gain by base speed + bloodlust together (if he already have 130% he cannot be buffed by bloodlust). Of course playtests could also prove me wrong, and he might be in the right place as he is.

    Respawn randomness also should be tempered a bit. Every time it happens, The Pharaoh should be teleported to random sarcophagus - but picked only from those where any survivor is somewhere nearby. This way situations when the killer is respawned to empty corner of the map, while all survivors are somewhere else would be eliminated. Every time you respawn (except you picked the sarcophagus) you will know, that there are survivors somewhere – but it's your task to find them, while you dont get any clues except scratch marks, pools of blood, etc. (no aura reading or killer instinct on this one). Also - "the farthest sarcophagus from a hooked survivor" could be changed to "A sarcophagus not closer than X meters". This way we eliminate guarantee for the Pharaoh to be always respawned to some maps corners, what the survivors would use as advantage.

    Also I would add 5th totem to "Hex: Ancient Traps" – all previous effects return as permanent. Plus change previous effect to make all survivors to suffer from them, not only the one who triggered it. This way the perk would be more effective through the match and act as a harsh punishment for careless survivors – like a real Ancient Trap.

    If anytime "The Pharaoh", or any other killer using this or similar mechanics would come to the game – I would play it with pleasure.