A serious and heartfelt suggestion for BHVR and it's devs - A Tomb Raider X DBD idea: Updated

Cryptikk Member Posts: 364

My concept for a Tomb Raider licensed chapter, including potential killers, skins - including legendary skins for both killers and survivors and two possible realms that would suit the gameplay and vibe of Dead by Daylight. This is not just a cool what if for me, but also my attempt to get Behaviour to take notice of how this collab could work, as I do believe it very well could, and strongly desire this to become a reality as a massive fan of both franchises.

Tomb Raider is no stranger to collaboration, with Lara crossing over to Final Fantasy, The Walking Dead, R6: Siege, Fortnite, Fall Guys and even Call of Duty and stuff like Magic the Gathering. This shows Embracer Group and Square are clearly very warm to Lara appearing in other games by other developers and publishers, and your people are clearly very good at negotiating licenses into your game, so surely actually getting use of Tomb Raider would not be a difficult task. The games have featured horror elements since the first game with its fleshy walls and mutant monsters of Atlantis. Tomb Raider would very much so work in the entity's realm.

Lara Croft is the survivor, and I put a emphasise on representing all three main generations of Tomb Raider

I also made some perk ideas for Lara Croft with icons, as well as possible Store or Tome Cosmetics for her.

I have complied my concept into a pdf form and sincerely request the devs and everyone else at BHVR hear me out, and consider this concept.