types of builds i run on killer , what do ya think !!

ninethlion_klim Member Posts: 2

the first build i run i like to call obsession roulette , it consists of ;

  • game afoot
  • furtive chase
  • friends 'til the end
  • dark devotion

i just like to see the obsession icon switch around with some exposure , and with this build it happens a LOT . since i play the shape however i instead use , game afoot , furtive chase , corrupt intervention , and surge . it's just added gen regression perks that still keep the fun of the obsession wheel turning .

the second build i run is when i want the map to be on my side more , it consists of ;

  • surveillance
  • ultimate weapon
  • hex: ruin
  • dead man's switch

the strategy i mainly use is find and hook a survivor to activate dms , open a locker to activate ultimate weapon , quickly take a trip around the map to make survivors scream off the generators and block them off causing ruin to regress them , and finally see what generators are regressing after dms ends with surveillance . i found that these perks have really good synergy and have helped me save a few gens from being completed and ruin from being cleansed . i find it best to use fast moving killers like mastermind , blight , or legion so your terror radius gets around faster .